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  PHILL1 13:03 18 Jan 2005

I have an old G-Force 2 MX 440 graphics card in my PC and wish to upgrade it, I can only spend about £50.00 (I know last of the big spenders!) can anyone give me a recomendation.

PC has Athlon XP 1700 processor with 512 memory


  smudge101 13:09 18 Jan 2005

I was in the same situation with the same graphics card.

I wanted to have 3d acceleration so I went for the winfast A180Bt for under £40.00

This card is basically the nvidia geforce4 MX 4000 and gived me pretty good grapghics under XP and Linux.

If you decide to go for this card make sure you get the latest drivers though as they do make a big difference.

The card is readily available from PC World (spit!), EBuyer or novatech and the drivers can be downloaded from click here

  Starfox 13:56 18 Jan 2005

Have a look at click here click here For a few options.

click here for more.

  ste_bla 14:01 18 Jan 2005

Sub £30 Inc. VAT

nVidia MX-4000 64MB/128MB - Yeah its slow but hey it will still play games at low resolutions and detail levels, plus is very well supported. 2D quality and performance is fine and it will make a great card for someone doing STD office/home work with the odd simple game or two in mind. Recommend brans are Asus, Leadtek and XFX, choose the package which best suites you.

nVidia FX 5200 128MB - It's only just above £30 and it will handle most games, obviously at low detail settings, but it is a DX9 compliant card and a bargain. Again Asus, Leadtek and XFX are the recommended brands to go for. This card is the pick of the bunch for sub £30.00

ATI 7000 - Its awful, avoid it all cost unless you really want the cheapest their is as they are £20, excellent 2D image quality but incapable of running games to any decent level. If you must stick with Asus, HIS and the OcUK brand.

ATI 9200/9250SE - It's not bad but I view the nVidia cards as been better alternatives, again if you must go with Asus, HIS and OcUK brands.

Sub £60 Inc. VAT

nVidia 5500 128MB/256MB - A bit of an unknown card but performance is generally OK and they will handle most things quite well even with details levels set to around medium, so these are a good buy for some one that wants to play modern games and realises low resolutions is the restriction. MSI and XFX are my recommendations.

nVidia 5700LE 128MB - This card is a bit complicated and sell mainly on marketing, it offers little performance increase over a 5200 and I believe is slower than the 5500 but for some reason it is a great seller so maybe I am wrong or the marketing has worked on everyone? Again Stick with MSI and XFX models.

ATI 9550 128MB/256MB - These are a very good card for the money, they perform better than the nVidia FX5500 and FX5700LE cards and sport better image quality too. So these are your best buy at sub £60 and HIS and OcUK models I recommend here.

From click here

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