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  coolteentom 01:29 27 Aug 2005

Hi, I have just signed up to Ebay recently, and have noticed loads of cheap products. I am currently looking at an Ipod for £175.00 (click here) but I am not sure how safe it is to buy. The seller appears to be getting very positive feedback etc.

Could anyone give me any advice please?

  Skills 02:19 27 Aug 2005

Having a look on the apple site you can get the same ipod for £299 with free shiping the one on ebay is already £204 with shipping and still has 12hrs to go.

Yes the seller has got good feedback but they have also recived 12negs in the last month. If theres anything wrong with it you'll have to pay to ship it back to the states and the manufacturers warrenty is state side as well.

Personally if it was me I'd buy one from the apple site by the time the biddings ended you probably won't get much of a saving from the uk price.

click here for apples store

  the kopite 05:22 27 Aug 2005

coolteentom just check how much postage this guy is asking I deal a lot on ebay but stay clear of anyone trying to charge £ 29 for a article thats cost about £ 5 to post and as skills said all them negatives feedback can be fiddled m8 take care personaly I would give it a miss kopite

  Al94 09:16 27 Aug 2005

I wish those who knock ebay would get their facts right! £5 to deliver an item by courier from US to UK - I don't think so! This seller has sold thousands of items with very positive feedback, as far as I can see most of the recent negatives relate to delivery by the courier or where the purchaser has not read the item description carefully and not realised that it is "refurbished warranty" stock. The main area of concern I would have is the risk of having import duty charged at this end which could very much reduce any price advantage.

  spuds 11:05 27 Aug 2005

I use eBay every day, and if you stick to basic rules you should have some decent purchases. The main criteria that I use: [1] Know the product that you are bidding for, and the shop price.[2] Do not bid until the last half hour or so, or put in a maximum proxy bid.If you are outbidded, then it can be to your advantage. Bit like a bus, miss one and three turn up later. [3] Check postage rates, as some sellers cover the cost of a low bid by a high postage charge. [I steer clear of those sellers]. [4]Do not lose concentration, that reckless 'must have'last minute bid, can make the item very expensive. [5] Check the feedback, the more positives the better, and make sure the seller is not recently registered with masses of items for sale [tread with caution].[6]Pay by PayPal and do not send bankers drafts. Cheques for very small amounts only.

Regarding sales from abroad. Make sure that the seller as good feedback and as been registered for a year at least. I receive goods from Hong Kong and Germany, and the delivery as been superb with regular updates. A case in point, I ordered an item from Hong Kong on the 17/08/05 late evening and it was delivered early morning on the 23/08/05 customs [no charge] cleared and everything.

One word of warning, be a little careful regarding eBay spoof email. If you are unsure then contact eBay, they have a special section and contact for this on their main page.Do not reply direct to an email, no matter how convincing that it may look, especially if it asks for account details.

  coolteentom 11:18 27 Aug 2005

Thanks for all the advice guys, i've learnt loads, much appreciated.

I'm not going to buy this Ipod due to what people have said here, but now I have an idea what to look for :D.



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