Cheap desktop

  robzwolf 14:49 22 Aug 2010

I'm looking for a computer with the following for NO MORE THAN £300 INC. VAT AND P&P

# Dual core processor
# WiFi
# Headphone socket
# Microphone socket
# 5.1 surround sound (I have the speakers already)
# No monitor if it increases price
# 320GB hard drive
# SD card reader
# VGA monitor socket (that's the one with 15 pins, five on each row, right)
# Preferably MS Office 2010 (but not if it increases price)
# Windows 7 OS 64-bit (unless you think 32-bit will manage fine)
# Anything else you think would be useful

Like I said, NO MORE THAN £300 and this HAS to include VAT and P&P

  Ian in Northampton 15:01 22 Aug 2010

I think you'll be lucky to get Office 2010 included in that kind of price - it tends to be very expensive. Had you thought of Open Office?

There's a couple of machines here that look possible - if you pick up from your local Tesco, delivery would be free.

click here|1||P_SORT_Price&btnResultSort.x=37&btnResultSort.y=11

  Ian in Northampton 15:02 22 Aug 2010

I just realised, you want wi-fi. That may be hard to find in a desktop...

  MAT ALAN 15:08 22 Aug 2010

# Anything else you think would be useful

More money!!!

of course it will much depend on what you want your PC to do for you...

  robzwolf 15:23 22 Aug 2010

after researching, i only want office 2010 starter (which i understand to be free) and no wifi as i already have an external wifi adaptor

  robzwolf 15:25 22 Aug 2010

i only use it for mainly programming, surfing the web, using ms office, photo editing, using movie maker and playing a bit of train simulator (only needs a 500MHz processor and 64MB RAM on the graphics card so don't need gaming capabilities!)

can someone please advise me on the difference between ddr, ddr2 and ddr3 ram, which is best, mose eco friendly and cheapest etc?

  Simsy 16:11 22 Aug 2010

click here#



  Simsy 16:14 22 Aug 2010

That doesn't include office 2010 starter...

But it meets your other needs as far as I can see.



  MAT ALAN 18:13 22 Aug 2010

Simsy if you add open office (free) to your sugestion...
click here

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