Cheap Broadband

  Ronnie268 18:57 12 Jan 2008

Does anyone know of a £10 a month broadband service with more than 5GB usage allowance and over 4Mbps download speed?

Also, it is ESSENTIAL that there are no hidden costs

  MAJ 19:04 12 Jan 2008

TalkTalk has FREE broadband if you use their phone service, minimum cost £16.39, includes line rental. 40GB monthly usage and up to 8Mbit/s download speed.

  Ronnie268 19:45 12 Jan 2008

that's a hidden cost
but ta anyway

  Ashrich 21:38 12 Jan 2008

First of all , see what ISP's have unbundled access at your local exchange , then see what they are offering ...for example O2 , if you have a pay monthly mobile phone with them , they are offering up to 16mb/s for a tenner , although you need to be within range of an unbundled exchange that has Be on it .


  Dipso 21:47 12 Jan 2008

I take it you don't have Sky? I think you will be hard pressed to find what you are looking for to be honest.

If you can get Be click here they offer up to 8 Meg, unlimited allowance for £14 but if you go via the cashback site Quidco click here you can get £40 cashback. You may also be able to get free connection so this would bring the monthly overall down to just over £10.

If you can't get Be, the only other I can think of would be Newnet with a 3GB allowance for £11.95 if paid annually or £12.95 monthly, £1.40 per Gig over the allowance.

  Clapton is God 21:50 12 Jan 2008
  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:12 13 Jan 2008

The Tiscali offer is for 3 months only, the price goes to £12.99 after that.


  Clapton is God 16:36 13 Jan 2008

Yep, missed that bit!

OK, try this (Option 1) click here

And before anybody says it's £14.99 which is more than Ronnie268's £10 limit, it does include line rental - so you don't have to pay BT £10.50 per month just for line rental.

So, effectively, the BB is costing you £4.49 and you get free weekend calls.

Even Option 2 (which I use) effectively means the BB is only £9.49 and ALL your calls are free.

And, no I'm not a Tiscali salesman - but they have been my ISP for many, many years, and I'm perfectly happy with them. ;-))

  MAJ 16:41 13 Jan 2008

"Even Option 2 (which I use) effectively means the BB is only £9.49 and ALL your calls are free."

If you can get it to work in the first place........

  Ronnie268 17:25 13 Jan 2008

Thank you for all of your replies.

Unfortunately changing phone provider is not an option at the moment.

I said over 4Mbps but I actually mean at least 2Mbps and if possible 4Meg.

I think O2 is a good option if already on O2 4 mobile. Are there any other offers like this, so when I change mobile, I can consider both at once.


Ronnie 268

  Clapton is God 18:33 13 Jan 2008

"If you can get it to work in the first place........"


Mine works perfectly, thanks. That's why I recommended it.

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