Cheap 80 min CD-RW

  wednesday 13 19:51 29 Apr 2005

I have been purchasing Mr Data CD-RWs for some time but they do not always erase. I know that Mr Data arn't the best company for this stuff and was wondering if you could get cheap 80 min CD-RW spindals anywhere?

  stalion 19:58 29 Apr 2005
  stalion 20:10 29 Apr 2005
  sidecar sid 20:20 29 Apr 2005
  wednesday 13 19:47 04 May 2005

I have found this at a great price but are they reliable?

  Dart Echo 20:35 04 May 2005

You know what they say about cheap!

There used to be a guy on here who repeated time and time again that relying on CD-RWs was a way to trouble. His problem really was? CHEAP.

I have not lost anything over the last few years using MEMOREX and/or MAXELL.

  wednesday 13 18:11 08 May 2005

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