cheap 17inch lcd monitor what is sxga and do i

  frankie 18:23 10 Jan 2003
  frankie 18:23 10 Jan 2003

cheap 17inch lcd tft monitor what is sxga and do i need to set anything up somewhere?.as i,ve adjusted what on screen settings i can,but,it seems to curve inwards in centre to me.or is this normal on these?thanks

  BrianW 19:10 10 Jan 2003

17 inch TFT as standard should be set to 1280X1024 (SXGA) in 16 bit (high) colour at 60hz refresh rate. You may have controls which can change the screen geometry to help the effect you mention, but first time you see a flat screen it can look a bit odd. Check the information that came with the scren or go to the relevant web site to get more information on the settings.

  frankie 19:41 10 Jan 2003

ok cheers cant appear to alter geometry to improve it.will check web cheers for response.

  Joe McG 19:49 10 Jan 2003

i personally would set the refresh rate at a minimum of 75hz, or preferably 85hz, if your gfx card supports it.

It'll run ok at 60hz, but that setting will give most people running eyes, and a sore head

  frankie 19:58 10 Jan 2003

hi joe.agree with you there re refresh rate.but cant seem to lose curve.going to ring there helpline..cheers

  BrianW 21:01 10 Jan 2003

Please don't forget that TFT monitors and CRT are very different. Most TFT recommend 60 Hz but can run up to 75 Hz. As there is no screen refresh process as there is in a CRT there can be no flicker with the TFT. (The transistors that make up the screen image are either on or off). Running your TFT at too high a refresh can cause either no image or damage. Follow the manufacturers' recommendation

  Joe McG 21:15 10 Jan 2003

frankie + BrianW,

sorry guys owe you,s an apology. Don't know why, but i thought it was a crt monitor we were discussing.

  siarad 21:16 10 Jan 2003

Tis an optical illusion as you've been used to viewing a convex CRT which your brain flattens. Therefore when you view a flat screen the brains correction make the TFT look concave. It'll pass but if you wear eyeglasses they tend to produce a concave view.

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