chatromm help

  data2 15:45 26 Apr 2003

I have just bought a HP Pavillion 424 Pc. I,m running windows XP. My problem is that I,m unable to enter chatrooms. I click on the link,but insted of going to the chatroom I,m sent back to the main page. Can anyone help me resovle this problem?. My machine came pre-installed,but I,m not sure if I should have got a start-up Cd with it.How do I get this machine to let me into chatrooms. I,m not getting applet on screen to enter them. I also have Norton anti-virus as standard installation. Hope someone can help. Mant thanks

  tbh72 15:48 26 Apr 2003

More often than not. Chatroom's require JAVA to be enabled. Hopefully someone will be able to point you in the right direction for the JAVE software required and help you config your browser to support JAVA

  Terrahawk 16:23 26 Apr 2003

To enable java you will need service pack one if you havn't already got it to check go to control panel then add remove programs if you cant find it in their you will need to download it
be aware the download can take a long time if you are on dial up

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