Chassis And Power fan connectors

  zemdarin 10:30 05 Oct 2007

In my M/B manual which is an Asus M2N-E SLI, I have Chassis and Power Fan connectors what do they represent. The Chassis I take it is to fix a fan to the ATX case but I am not sure what the Power fan connector is for. At the moment there is only a fan connected to the CPU.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:56 05 Oct 2007

How is your CPU fan powered?

Is it connected to a molex connector from your PSU?

If you connect it to the power connector on the board the BIOS / software controlles can monitor the fan speed /voltage.

  zemdarin 13:43 05 Oct 2007

I have a program called Xpertvision with the speed I can control my fan, it is set to Dynamic Speed 100 at the moment. It also has core clock and memory clock settings which are set at 500 MHz I don't understand them though. It has refresh rate and other settings I do understand.

I also tried installing something called cool but it didn't seem to work, so I un-installed it.

I still don't know the difference between Chassis fan and Power fan though they are two different settings to the CPU fan

  keef66 14:43 05 Oct 2007

Chassis fan is as you correctly surmise a connector for a case fan so the mobo / software can control the fan speed automatically.

Power fan is to connect a sensor from the power supply so the mobo / software can similarly control the speed of the fan in the power supply.

Both can be very effective in reducing noise

  zemdarin 16:57 05 Oct 2007

Thank you keef66 my manual tells me
"The Asus Q-Fan function is supported using the CPU fan and Chassis Fan connection only"
Does that mean anything, like special connectors or something? It looks like just the normal 3 pin plug that was on my old computer.

  keef66 10:58 08 Oct 2007

It sounds like Asus Q fan is the mobo software for controlling the speed of the cpu and case fan (but not the psu fan)

It won't require anything more than a normal 3 pin plug; one of the 3 wires is the speed sensor.

If you don't already have it, you'll need to instal the Q-Fan software from the disk that came with the mobo, or alternatively get it from the Asus website

  keef66 11:02 08 Oct 2007

seems Q-fan is set to inactive by default in bios, so you need to go into bios to set it to active.

  zemdarin 12:26 08 Oct 2007

Have looked through BIOS and can't see anything to do with Q-Fan settings. I have something called AMD Cool and Quite Function which is set to Auto but after installing from disc that came with MB it just gives me errors with command prompt but no instructions what I should type there. I just press Alt Control and delete to start my computer.

  zemdarin 12:56 08 Oct 2007

Have just found the Q-Fan it is set disabled at the moment. The readings on my CPU are
CPU 48º
M/B 39º
CPU fan speed between 3125/39
CPU Fan Speed Warning is set to 800RPM
I don't know if this is good or bad.

I haven't got fans set up on my chassis or power fan connectors at the moment. Still not sure what cool and quite is though.

  keef66 14:43 08 Oct 2007

temps look OK to me.

Cool & quiet is a feature of your AMD cpu. This means that the cpu is throttled back when idle, the mobo detects the lower cpu temp, and q-fan reduces the cpu fan speed and hence noise.

If noise isn't an issue I'd leave it as it is

  DieSse 16:21 08 Oct 2007

Not many PSUs have fan connectors (because their fan speeds are not monitorable or controllable from outside the PSU.) So you may have nothing to connect to that connector on the m/b.

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