rotormota 07:34 30 May 2005


Just wondered if there are any standard rates for charging a company for a link to their website from my website?

Nothing comes for free!


  Forum Editor 11:21 30 May 2005

at least it does in the web site business. Very few (if any) companies are going to pay you a penny for a link to their site - not unless you can show them concrete evidence of very high traffic figures. Concrete evidence - in this context - means an audit of your site traffic by one of the industry-repected audit companies, and it's not cheap.

If you have such evidence already then by all means impose a charge - otherwise forget it. Far better to look to reciprocal linking arrangements, whereby you link to a site and they link to you - that way you stand a chance of sharing some of their site's traffic, and vice-versa.

  rotormota 11:33 30 May 2005

Thanks for that & understandable though still a tad surprising in the cut throat world of the World Wide Web.

  Forum Editor 13:26 30 May 2005

Hardly, when you think about it. Why should anyone pay for something when there's no indication that they would get anything in return?

Most amateur sites struggle to attract more than a few unique visitors a day (if they're lucky), and in terms of advertising that means that a company would be better off paying you to have a sticker on your car.

The cut-throat world of the internet is no different to the cut-throat world of everyday commerce, and normal rules of commercial judgment apply. Offer a company an audit showing you have 10,000 unique visitors (not hits) a day and you're in business.

  rotormota 13:37 30 May 2005

Just out of interest FE, are PCA in the position to charge the likes of Sony/HP/Epson etc for banners/links?


  MikeyMooMoo 15:55 03 Jun 2005

The company i work for gets about 800,000 page view a month and about 70,000 unique visitors a month. They think its acceptable to tell the sales people to charge £125 a month for a banner advert with a web link.

As im the web developer here i know thats way over the top. On average these people with banners may get 10-20 "click throughs" a month. In my opinion thats expensive advertising, where you could spend the same amount on a newspaper ad (with our company again) and get a bigger return!

So my conclusion, dont waste your money on internet advertising (unless its on google), and just pleade people to add your link for free, you may not get the same response as a banner ad, but you will definately increase your chances of the search engines picking up your site!

  Sir Radfordin 17:32 03 Jun 2005

A company I worked for used to charge about £10,000 for a 2 week banner add on a couple of pages during a very busy time of year. This was despite them getting fairly low click rates. Part of the reason they did it was because if they had the slot no-one else could.

The pay-per-click model is the most likely one to be adopted by the smaller websites and it is unlikely to pay significantly.

  Forum Editor 22:45 03 Jun 2005

Yes - we have been ABC audited, so we're able to produce concrete evidence of site traffic for potential advertisers.

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