Charged with a facelift

  De Marcus™ 21:25 14 Mar 2006

Sorry about the ambiguous title, but your here now, so....

I've been asked by a close friend to give his company's website a face-lift, now in my opinion the website isn't all to bad, in fact I find it fairly informative and easy to navigate. I realise graphically it could do with a lot of work, but how does form and function appear to you? Is it up to date in your opinion? Does it serve it's purpose, etc.

I'm asking with a fair urgency as the new look website is to coincide with 500,000 business cards letterbox drop (not cheap, but effective) mid -april.

The website is click here

  ade.h 21:32 14 Mar 2006

Hmmm, it's not bad really.

The text is a little bit squinty.

The red links on green (at the bottom) make my eyes go funny, but that's just how my eyes are affected by red and green together, so not everyone would suffer it.

It could be more elegant and perhaps a bit more inviting; I'm not eagerly waiting to view the products.

I have never liked text that dissappears behind other elements as you scroll.

  ade.h 21:36 14 Mar 2006

Oh, pendant alert!! I have just spotted the errant apostrophe in Patios.

That just has to go!

I would accept their request, De Marcus, and give it a makeover. A fresh look to their site could provide a morale boost as much as anything.

I was recently in a similar position, when asked to redesign a site for a friend of mine, and the positive effect that it has had on him is great to see; he's now in love with his business again and is putting more effort into it. He was stuck in the doldrums before that, with a site that was going nowhere.

  De Marcus™ 21:42 14 Mar 2006

Completely agree, thanks for the feedback ade.h.

I've only just been asked about this today and have had relatively little time to peruse the site, the one thing that did strike me was my unwillingness to read that 'squinty' text.

Another point was the 'view some of our existing work' links, I've just realised it's the same page that's linked to for all sections of his work, be it driveways, patios or walls, this will obviously have to be amended.... don't you just love doing friends a favour!

  ade.h 22:04 14 Mar 2006

I think I'm going to make "squinty" the word of the week!

  De Marcus™ 22:45 14 Mar 2006

Your comments are welcome john and should provide my friend and I with an enlightening discussion about his site management company who also designed the site to start with, no names mentioned (however obvious their name is displayed on the site), as usual there's a lot of work to get on with which was never brought to the table beforehand, I'll start this weekend so should hopefully have some preliminary pages uploaded by next weekend.

  spuds 14:50 15 Mar 2006

One thing that I did notice, and I am not sure whether it is a requirement by law. The company offers finance arrangements, and I think credit license reference number details need to be made available.

  PC Eye 16:12 15 Mar 2006

The frames have got to go; they're not Bot friendly and the viewing area with 800x600 resolution is too small. The search engine optimisation is also poor with a PR of only 2 although "paving south shields" comes in at the foot of the 1st page with Google.

  De Marcus™ 17:15 15 Mar 2006

Thanks for pointing that out spuds, it shall be investigated.

PC Eye, I'm picking up the same problems now I've had more of a chance to look over it. I had a conversation with said friend today and we agreed to let me scrap it and start afresh, I'll be paying him a visit over the weekend (not looking forward to the 6hr drive :-( to discuss it (in the pub ;-) and get the original artwork/photos etc.

I shall be back, thanks one and all.

  De Marcus™ 17:16 15 Mar 2006

we > he agreed

  adie72 17:35 15 Mar 2006

Yep frames - kill kill kill.
Also there is no real hierachy for the page. Your eye is not guided to any real part of the homepage over any other.
Its looks clean but its actually busy, and unstructured. The banner is a waste of space for such valuable real estate. The image looks like its been scanned in from a letter head.
The type (i.e. text) is a mish mash too with many sizes and styles on the homepage and throughout the site.
My old dear always did say "Red and green should never be seen" and this is why.
Colours arnt unapealing, but i am not crazy about them.
Who are we are? and What we do? on the home page

The flexible-width is good for accessability, but has its problems when not done well, making a page look barren on a big monitor. Fixed width is better most of the time and give you more control.

When naviagtion to other pages there is no real way to know what page you are on.

Something very weird happens when you request this page directly. click here

Hope I wasnt too scathing. Its not that bad, but does need a face lift.

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