Character apearing on blank Outlook email.

  Flopper 17:37 18 Jan 2006

I have pressed something, possibly on the mouse, not sure what and I now get an annoying character on any blank Outlook email window which looks like a letter P pointing the wrong way, as if in a mirror.
When I type anything the letter P is just pushed to the end of the sentence, even when I start a new sentence.
I was originally copying some text from a website into a blank email.
Any suggestions.

  Thalmus 17:47 18 Jan 2006

Are you using word as your mail editor?

If so look at the top row of icons and you should see a button with th e 'backwards p' on it, give it a clic kand it should make it go.

All this is doing is displaying where your carriage returns are on the page, if you press the space you will get a dot and if you press tab you will get an arrow.

The person who recieves the mail won't see them

  Flopper 17:57 18 Jan 2006

Got it. It was staring at me.


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