Channel 11 issues

  djbenny 13:00 05 Jan 2009

i need to have my router set to channel 11 for certain devices on the network, but then my laptop fails to work. any reason for this i tried updating drivers i have a dell inspirion 6000

  ambra4 18:18 05 Jan 2009

Check that the channel is set to 11 on the laptop

  djbenny 13:51 06 Jan 2009

how would i be able todo that i thought it would set that up automatically

  djbenny 10:28 09 Jan 2009


  ambra4 23:49 09 Jan 2009

In Device manager look for the cards properties, you should be able to change it from there, it

should be under " Advanced " look for IBSS Mode and set to Auto

  djbenny 09:41 13 Jan 2009

would this not be ad-hoc mode?

  djbenny 15:19 14 Jan 2009

could not find this in the advanced settings as the driver is by intel and has all intel interface

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