Changing XP computor to Vista by accident.

  prince midas 10:33 18 Feb 2009

My next door neighbour did an acronis image restore on his XP computor but unfortunatley he put in the backup from a Vista laptop .
He asked me to have a look at it and advice him but I would like your comments first.

He was lucky that the Vista image only used 25 Gig as his C: drive is only 30 gig in size.I hate to think what he would have lost if the Vista restore had been 40 gig.Everything as altered to Vista on his C Drive but everything on his other partions are as before which I am glad to say.
He quite likes Vista and so I tested the Pc and everything works okay apart from it asking for drivers which I assume are for printers etc and vista.Can I leave the Vista on his Pc or am I asking for trouble?

  Terry Brown 11:03 18 Feb 2009

As I understandit, you can install the software on up to 3 'machines you own'.

In that case, if it is going well, leave it on.
I would suggest he uses an external harddrive (USB ?)to keep his non-essential software on to save filling his hard drive up.

  jimv7 11:12 18 Feb 2009

Your asking for trouble, the hard drive is not big enough, leaving 10% for the page file, only leaves 2.5 gig, a few vista updates and you will run out of space. Plus you can only install vista on 1 computer with a single license.

Run the proper acronis image and rut xp back on.

Terry Brown.

"As I understandit, you can install the software on up to 3 'machines you own'."

Wrong, windows 7 allows you to install to 3 machines and I believe a version of ms office does the same.

Viste is 1 license 1 machine. unless you purchase multiple licenses.

  jimv7 11:14 18 Feb 2009

Should have put 'Windows 7 BETA' that will change when the full version arrives.

  prince midas 13:16 18 Feb 2009

It appears from your comments that Vista should run okay if I increase the size of the partition, which I can using a partitioning tool as he as another big partition which I can add to his 30 gig partition, so that solves the first problem.
The other problem is can he have 2 PCs on the same Vista licence.

  MAJ 14:06 18 Feb 2009

"can he have 2 PCs on the same Vista licence.


  jimv7 14:06 18 Feb 2009

vista=1 license for each computer, unless you buy a multi- license.

  Terry Brown 14:10 18 Feb 2009


I stand corrected, I assumed that as you can use on only one machine at a time , and you can re-install XP 3 times, you could do he same with Vista. E.G. Install it on your Desktop for home use and your Laptop for when you were out on the road, you would not be using the same software at the same time, it would be OK

That is another good argument for NOT instaling Vista.

I'm sticking with XP (Pro) until I can see a 'proven' system that works well with all my current software(Office 2003)+ various programs & drivers for the new system are available and working.

  MAJ 14:14 18 Feb 2009

You can re-install XP as many times as you need to, Terry Brown, and it's MS Office that allows you to install on to your desktop and your laptop at the same time, at least that used to be the case.

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