Changing Wireless channells

  TonyW2 15:20 28 Aug 2007

On my installed wireless setup I get low signal strength (and therefore, I suspect, low network connection speed and random connection failures) There are two other wireless networks showing in range, but my own is set for preference.

Would changing the channel be likely to improve signal strength? Is auto channel setting the best to use, or just trial and error on other channels?
I know how to do this by accessing the router but do I have to make any changes to match up somewhere on the PC or adapter settings?

Thanks for any help.
Using Edimax ADSL+2 wireless router/modem, D Link USB adapter,Desktop PC with Windows XP.SP2

  STREETWORK 17:44 28 Aug 2007

You should be able to change the channels on the modem configuration settings. Find the short cut to the modem, enter your user name and password, default is usually admin/admin.

Scroll down to find the channel and there should be a drop down list of available channels, choose the next one up. You may have to reconfigure the USB adapter.

Signals can be interrupted by any magnetic interference, cordless phones, microwaves, speakers, etc. so its worth checking that these are positioned away from any router or adapter...

  Dipso 17:48 28 Aug 2007

Download Netstumbler and check what channel the other 2 are using click here

If it's the same as yours that is probably why your connection is so poor.

I no longer use auto-channel as I don't think it selects the best for my connection. Switch to manual and try experimenting with other channels. I did this recently and found channel 8, not commonly used, came out best for me.

You shouldn't have to alter anything on your PC/adapter as they should pick up the new channels without any further configuration.

  TonyW2 20:15 28 Aug 2007

Thanks for suggestions.
(I tried netstumbler, but was not confident in what I was doing. My network and channel showed, but the other networks that were indicated did not show a channel number. As I could not use the programme properly I uninstalled it)

Anyway, deciding on trial & error, I changed the router channel from 11 to 10,and immediately my PC went "unable to connect to wireless network."

Is it definate that the PC or adapter settings do not need amending?

As I could not then reconnect to the router to revert the channel, I had to bring the router to the PC and connect it by ethernet cable to change the channel back. Everything worked on putting the wireless system back in its place. I assume that the channel was much worse than the first one

Was I just unlucky or will I have to go through this performance everytime I try a channel change?

  lil27 20:57 28 Aug 2007

Tony W2,

I had some issues with Low signal strength on wireless connection. (Belkin G+ router, Ralink Network card and Vista). After a lot of fiddling with various settings nothing changed. In the end, I found that it was a driver problem with the internal network card in my laptop.

I had already searched and downloaded the latest driver using windows auto update but this did not work. I ended up going direct to the network card webpage and downloading the latest vista compatible driver direct from Ralink.

Its certainly worth a look for a revised driver.


  Dipso 21:16 28 Aug 2007

I think you were unlucky. I tried channel 12 on mine and I couldn't connect but fortunately I also have a lonnng network cable so got around it that way.

Try 6 or if it's already 6 try 11, if no joy try my channel, channel 8.

  TonyW2 15:52 29 Aug 2007

Unfortunately, other channels also caused lost connection and a need to reset the router. None proved any better and some non-connectable.

Is it definate that the PC or adapter settings do not need amending after changing router transmission channel?

As I have tried alternative channels and the low signal strength problem remains, it seems to be a physical site and distance cause, so I will have to live with it or upgrade the transmitter aerial etc.

Thamks for help

  setecio 19:22 29 Aug 2007

Check your router is set to broadcast it's SSID - if it is hiding it, and other networks are in the area, WZC will interfer and cause disconnections - simply enable broadcasting of SSID to fix this.

If you still have problems and change the channel on the router, then you have to rescan or available networks on the laptop, pick yours and reconnect, entering your WPA security key.

  Dipso 21:18 29 Aug 2007

Is your router located near anything that could be affecting the signal as in Streetwork's post, even a PC monitor can affect the signal.

  TonyW2 11:32 31 Aug 2007

I have indicated query as resolved,as anything beyond channel change is widening the thread title/topic.New thread started on antenna positions
Thanks all.

  TonyW2 14:29 07 Sep 2007

For completeness.

Changing channels was done on a trial and error basis. Eventually I had success with channel 6, but this will vary for others.

If the channel is changed whilst connected to the modem/ router and the new one is not a good connection for signal reception, the connection will be unable to establish . Without it, there is no way of quickly reverting, to try yet another channel, and it will have to be done by cable connection. (Nuisance but not difficult)

There was no need to amend any settings on the PC or the adapter after changing channels. (Just switch off and restart computer, letting it connect to the router under its previous method)

The signal strength remains low, but I am now sure that channel conflict with neighbours networks is not the source of problems.

Signal strength matters are in another thread under "Changing antenna positions"

So the answers were NO and NO

Thanks for all help given.

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