changing Windows XP user accounts

  User-9C711E86-C156-4BE1-A8746A846D0B027D 10:48 20 Jun 2003

I have 3 accounts setup on a machine running XP-PRO. The problem i have is that i want to change 1 user account from administrator to user but when i do this the user's documents folder and all settings are no longer accessable unless i change the account back to administrator.
How do i get round this problem ?

  Big Elf 12:30 20 Jun 2003

I'm not very knowledgeable about this but I think it's designed to work like that. The only thing I can think of is to burn the files to CDR and then copy them back after making the change. I don't know how to do the same with the settings though other than redoing them all.

  AndySD 12:30 20 Jun 2003

Try creating a new profile then copy the present profile to it click here then copy the My Documents folder over to it.

  Squall 15:48 20 Jun 2003

you want to take the admin privillidges off of an account - or that you want to rename it?

Change your account, then log in as another account with admin rights and give ownership of the files that you are having trouble with to the account that you have just changed. You should then be able to accesss them.

Yes I wish to remove admin rights from an account.
I need to confirm that your saying log as as the user i wish to change and change the account, then log in as administrator to change the ownership of the account. I am a little confused

  Squall 10:12 03 Jul 2003

Here is what I think you need to do

Log in as another account that has admin rights, go into the users accounts in the control pannel and then click properties on the account that you wish to change. Click the group membership tab and select the group that you wish the account to be in - i.e power users etc.

After you have done that you should still be able to access that users files while logged in as that account name, as the permissions are based on the account, not the level of system rights that an account has.

If you can not access the files, log in as an administrator and browse to the files in question, look at their security information and then give ownership of the files to the account whose rights you changed. If you need detailed instructions of how to do this post back

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