Changing Text in Excel

  Juni 15:03 04 Aug 2006

I need to change Text in a column of a worksheet. At the moment the text is upper and lower case mixed, but I need the column to be in upper case - is there an easy way to convert this

  ade.h 15:06 04 Aug 2006

AFAIK, that is about the only formatting that cannot be changed in programs such as Excel. I have not yet encountered an app that can switch already-created text between upper and lower case for you.

  Woolwell 15:14 04 Aug 2006

You can create another column with the text changed from lower and upper case to upper case. In the top of the new column insert the formula =upper(cell number) eg =upper(A1).
Then you can copy the formula.

You can do it in Word using Format - change case.
You can copy your column to Word - change case and then copy again and psate back.

  ade.h 15:15 04 Aug 2006

That feature appears to be missing from my Word 2000 menu.

  Woolwell 15:23 04 Aug 2006

I felt sure that it should be in Word 2000 too. I use Word 2003. My Google searches indicate that it should be in Word 2000.
Another way is to highlight the word and click shift-F3 - this will toggle through all of the chnage case options. (or should do!)

  Woolwell 15:24 04 Aug 2006

I need a function to change letters - change not chnage!

  recap 15:25 04 Aug 2006

ade.h Highlight the text in question, holding down Ctrl+Shift+A will give you upper case. Ctrl+Shift+K will give you lower case.

  Batch 15:37 04 Aug 2006

Whilst on the subject of using Excel for text - I'm always perplexed as to why people use Excel for creating text based tables (except where text is a mere adjunct to numerics).

Excel is a spreadsheet and should be used for numeric tabulations.

Word tables are far, far superior for text based tables (e.g. each cell can be formatted, bulleted, paragraphed etc. etc.) and can support simple formulae.

  recap 15:43 04 Aug 2006

Sorry "Ctrl+Shift+K will give you lower case" should read g"ive you small caps"

  xania 16:04 04 Aug 2006

The Chan ge Case funtion in Word 2000 is part of the Format dropdown mene, and the facility exists to place the function on the toolbar.

  VoG II 16:10 04 Aug 2006

Install ASAP Utlities click here

Select your column of text, on the ASAP Utilities menu select Text - Convert to UPPER case.

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