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  tonyx1302 20:52 27 Mar 2008

I have been with my current provider Eclipse, for 3yrs and they have recently contacted me asking "would I like to renew my contract as my current one expires shortly".If I renew they will give me a £1p.m discount. I am on their 'Home Option 2' package which gives me B/B and all tele calls for £25 a month. I am very pleased with their service and d/l speeds which are in excess of 6Gb but after checking around find that Talk Talk are a great deal cheaper for the same package and which is now avail in my area.
My questions are... Do I have to use their email address and set up new addresses etc or can I keep my Hotmail/O.Express and, I have a Netgear DG834G router. Will that be ok to connect to Talk Talk or do I need their dedicated modem ?
As a very, very senior silver server and with my very basic and limited computer skills (!) gleamed from learning through this terrific forum, I really haven't the convidence or knowledge to start changing the crucial part of my computer work,ie sending and receiving emails.
I have checked T/T F.A.Q forum but there is no given question relating to this and being profoundly deaf, find that they don't have a Millicom service avail so I am unable to call.

Any help/advice given would as always,be very gratefully received
With thanks


  MAJ 21:03 27 Mar 2008

Hi Breitling. I moved to TT in January, so far it's fantastic and as you say, a lot less expensive than others.

Yes you will still be able to use your Hotmail address and Outlook Express. You probably wont be able to use your Eclipse email address if you have one as they'll close that account when you leave, unless they have a dialup connection you can use to keep it open.

Your Netgear router should be okay to use, I use a Linksys router to connect to TT, but I keep the TT modem to hand in case of router problems.

There are quite a few TT users on the forum so you'll never be stuck for help if you ever need it.

  tonyx1302 21:15 27 Mar 2008

Thanks MAJ for that vote of confidence. I am ploughing through the small print in their T.C and am I right in thinking that as long as its an 01 or 02 tele No. it's inclusive or is it only inclusive when calling other T.T customers. My hearing wife seems to spend an eternity on her calls to friends etc and I don't know how many are with talk.
Finally may I ask, how did the switch over go and how long did it take once you provided the MAC. Hopefullyit was painless !


  MAJ 21:43 27 Mar 2008

The change over was completely painless, Breitling. They advised me that I would 'go live' on the 8th Jan and that at sometime during the day I would lose my Tiscali connection (my previous supplier) and swith to their's. The Broadband switch over took about 20 minutes, I was without a BB connection for those 20 minutes, then all was up and running again, only twice as fast as my old 2Mbit Tiscali connection. The phoneline took a little longer, I had no phone for about 2 or 3 hours, I switched from BT. They told me that the total swith over BB connection and Phone connection would happen sometime between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. on the 8th of Jan. It actually started to happen at 10 a.m. and everything was in place at about 1 p.m. on the 8th, so no complaints on that score.

01 and 02 numbers are free no matter who you are calling, Breitling, be they TT users or not. I have phoned my brother internationally (he lives in Southern Ireland) and that was free as well. I think they have a 60 minute limit on all free calls before you start to get charged for them, but if you hang up after 59 minutes and re-dial, your free call continues, so really you can talk for days for free, so long as you re-dial every 59 minutes. That should keep the missus happy, lol. Be careful of O845 and 0800 numbers though, Breitling, those aren't free.

  tonyx1302 21:59 27 Mar 2008

Many,many thanks Maj. Your comments will give me a good stressless nights sleep now. On the strength of yours and many other forum members opinions over the last few weeks, I will be getting my MAC number tomorrow morning and switching to Talk.
It's a small world Maj. My wife is never happier than when she is calling our family in Lismore ..Southern Island also. At least now I won't have to worry about the cost. Eclipse charge for calls to Ireland.
Once again MAJ,many thanks for your kind help.It is very appreciated.
What a great forum this is. Over the past 6 yrs or so it has been a God send to me and many others I'm sure with limited pc knowledge.

  MAJ 22:08 27 Mar 2008

Only too happy to help, Breitling. It sure is a small world, my name's Tony as well, lol.

  woodchip 00:06 28 Mar 2008

Same hear as MAJ's first post

  Stuartli 00:13 28 Mar 2008

You can find out all the details about TalkTalk, including the offer of a 30 day trial, at:

click here

This is for the best value TT International3 package, absolutely unbeatable for the past two years and still unmatched by any other ISP.

  MAJ 08:04 28 Mar 2008

I should have said as well, Breitling, I'm, like Stuartli and, I think, woodchip, on the TT International3 package at about £20.50 per month. The only niggle I have with it is that caller display is another £1.50 option. It's not a big problem but I had got used to it with BT. The £20.50 also includes line rental (I no longer get BT bills). Be aware also, that your first bill will be around £70 as they take payment in advance, £20.49 for the first month, £20.49 for the second month in advance and £30 setup fee.

  tonyx1302 09:17 28 Mar 2008

Good morning Maj/Stuartli& woodchip and thanks for your comments. I'm sitting here waiting for the Eclipse help line to open so I can request my code but having said that, on Talks website they don't ask for the code when applying on line or perhaps I haven't found it yet.

After checking with Stuartli's click here we are going to go with their Total Talk 3 option which is £25p.m., about £15 p.m cheaper than my current bills, and my wife gets 60 mins p.m mobile allowance which will be a great help in keeping in touch with our son who doesn't have a landline in his flat.
Thanks Maj for the costings. I was not aware that they did it that way so we will have to have a quiet month on our pension outgoings!
I will post back once I have spoken to Eclipse and hopefully implemented the switch to T/T

Have a good day everyone and thanks


  MAJ 09:30 28 Mar 2008

You have jogged my memory, Breitling. I think you are correct about TT not asking for the MAC code on signup. I was worried, at the time, that it would hold up my switch over, so I phoned TT and told them that I wasn't asked for my MAC code while signing up online. They then asked me for it on the phone, then everything went smoothly, as I said above.

Good luck with your new Talk3 Total package, keep us informed as to how it's going.

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