Changing screen resolution within a specific internet window - how to change it back

  adeuchar 19:46 01 Mar 2013

Hi. I recently got a windows 8 Lenovo laptop, and I've managed to change the resolution to TINY in two open chrome and IE tabs - one for yahoo mail and the other for amazon, somehow hitting some keys in combination that changed it only for that window and no other. Now i have no idea how to change it back to a readable size. can anyone help?

(my general screen resolution has not changed)

thank you.

  woodchip 19:55 01 Mar 2013

Press Crtl then use scroll key on mouse

  rdave13 19:57 01 Mar 2013

In IE right click anywhere at the top (blue blank space) and tick the status bar. At the bottom of the page the status bar will show the zoom in percentage. Click the down arrow near it and select the zoom value. You can also select a custom value. It will be in Chrome's 'tool' section as well but I don't use that particular browser.

  rdave13 19:59 01 Mar 2013

Only do it on the pages that have been zoom diminished.

  woodchip 20:12 01 Mar 2013

if you just want full screen, press F11

  Ian in Northampton 20:25 01 Mar 2013

Control and + increases font size in a window, control and - makes it smaller.

  rdave13 20:31 01 Mar 2013

The OP stated it's for a particular page on a tab on the browsers. General zoom would zoom all pages.

  adeuchar 21:16 01 Mar 2013

THank you everyone for the suggestions. I just sorted it out with control + - thank goodness!

  rdave13 21:22 01 Mar 2013

Nice one Ian in Northampton. Glad you're sorted.

  Ian in Northampton 09:04 02 Mar 2013

Thanks rdav13. Go me... ;-)

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