Changing from SAGEM adapter to Belkin router?

  VCA 20:37 29 Sep 2007

I feel a bit of a twit but I'm having a little trouble setting up my wireless internet.

I currently have Tiscali Dial on Demand type internet running through a Sagem WAN adapter thingy and purchased a Belkin G+ Mimo wireless router with the hope of being able to use my laptop in a seperate room (Luxury!)

However, when I unplug the SAGEM adapter and plug in the router to try and follow the instructions (Visit given address to configure) I get error messages about my modem being in use/not configure properly. I think it's still trying to access through the now absent adapter instead of the router?

Any help deeply appreciated.

  Strawballs 21:21 29 Sep 2007

What model of Belkin router do you have? Because with Tiscali you need a combined modem/router and not use the sagem at all.

  VCA 21:33 29 Sep 2007

Wireless G+ MIMO modem router? I had unplugged the sagem completely trying to use just the Belkin router.

  Strawballs 21:50 29 Sep 2007

Is that a modem/router?

  VCA 21:52 29 Sep 2007

Well since it's called a 'Modem Router' I should hope so!

  Strawballs 22:40 29 Sep 2007

Sorry never looked properly my appoligies

  ambra4 23:29 29 Sep 2007


Is it the SAGEM [email protected] 800 USB ADSL Modem you are using

You need to uninstall it first see page 3-11 section 3.4 in manual on how to uninstalling

If you don’t have the manual go to this site and download the pdf manual six from the top or fifth from the bottom of page

click here

  VCA 12:30 30 Sep 2007

It is indeed! Thanks for the suggestion, will have a bash at this (hopefully this will solve it!)

  VCA 13:38 30 Sep 2007

No good I'm afraid, had to re-install adapter to even get onto the internet.

It's coming up with 'error 633', something about port in use or not configured. When I go into the settings for this connection it looked to me as if it's still trying to use the uninstalled adapter. New Belkin thing wasn't listed in Network hardware. Tried ringing up Belkin but was useless.

  ambra4 13:46 30 Sep 2007

Check here part of modem still install

click here

  ambra4 02:33 03 Oct 2007


Check this site might help you to uninstall the Sagem modem

click here

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