Changing resolution of pics (please help)

  erkmatrix 15:38 16 Jan 2003
  erkmatrix 15:38 16 Jan 2003

I'm having trouble changing the resolution of some of my hi-res pics to lo-res as they are far to slow on my website, I have Microsoft Picture it, Abode image ready and photoshop and irfan view view and can't on any of them see how you do this. For exapmle I want to change the file size of one pic of 232KB to 116KB (half it) can this be done.


  Elrond 15:41 16 Jan 2003

In Photshop go to image size, you shud be able to change the res there.

  BrianW 15:49 16 Jan 2003

In Microstft Picture it, go to "View/Options/Advanced". Option 1 opens pictures as low res and option 2 saves them as lo res.

  erkmatrix 15:50 16 Jan 2003

No been there all I can see is to change width and the height , I want to change the resolution in half.


  Elrond 15:54 16 Jan 2003

What photoshop you on. I've got 6.0. Just been in to check, go to image then image size. The box shud come up and in the document size part there shud be width, height and resolution.

  erkmatrix 16:00 16 Jan 2003

Its picture it 7.0 and theres no view/options/advanced in the view menu on mine. Could the advanced be somewhere else.

  erkmatrix 16:03 16 Jan 2003

Its photoshop 7.0 trial though and there is a resolution box but it says 72 pixels per inch and if you reduce it the whole picture shrinks, can't you just take out the quality abit of a picture whilst keeping the photos proportions the same.

  BrianW 16:03 16 Jan 2003

Phil, do you not have a little click box marked "advanced" in the bottom left hand of the screen? On my copy, this provides the options I mentioned, in additon to the resizing options provided under the standard "options" set.

  fsssh 16:05 16 Jan 2003

if you still cant find it...
you may be able to convert the file into something else like a bmp then convert this bmp back to what you want - when you do this it normally asks you for the quality you want from the resulting image and if you select low or medium it should reduce the size of your pic. longwinded i know but it may work. failing that try the export options....

  Elrond 16:06 16 Jan 2003

The picture will appear to shrink but i can assure you it will be the same size as in the width and height boxes. This worried me too when i first changed the resolution. Try it out to check

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