Changing ram in a laptop-intel to amd??

  SANAP 22:55 29 Nov 2006

Is it possible to change the ram in a laptop eg if I but it with 512 intel can I chnage it to 2gig of amd?? My understaning was that ram was fixed to the motherboard in such a way that it cannot be easily removed. I am getting on and things are beginning to pass me by.


  anskyber 23:07 29 Nov 2006

Can you post the make and model of your laptop please?

  SANAP 23:14 29 Nov 2006

It will either be a DELL Inspiron 6400 or a DELL Inspiron 1501. I am still trying to figure.

I can get amd memory cheap.

Is that enough. I want to spend less than £1000.


  anskyber 23:21 29 Nov 2006

Its more about using the right type of RAM rather than a particular maufacturer. This is what, for example Crucial say about the 6400 and the type of RAM you need to get. click here

  Belatucadrus 01:32 30 Nov 2006

Adding RAM to my Inspiron was easy, you are correct in that part of the RAM is built into the motherboard and as such changing it is near impossible, but it also came with an expansion slot accessible via a panel in the base, thus allowing very easy upgrades. Presumably the higher spec models are similar.
As to the brand, well Intel and AMD are processor manufacturers and not as far as I'm aware makers of RAM modules, as such I agree with anskyber and his Crucial suggestion, good quality memory, guaranteed to work if you use their selector and much cheaper than any supplied by Dell.
When I purchased the Inspiron, budgetary constraints mandated the cheapest one going and while it doesn't have wireless connectivity, at £350 it does everything I want and more, so a £1000 machine should be pretty damned amazing. What are you going to use it for ?

  ed-0 07:02 30 Nov 2006

here is the manual for the 6400,click here and here is how you change the memory click here

Very easy. Undo a couple of screws, pull back the two plastic tabs, lift out the memory.

To fit, slot in memory till white tabs click into place, screw the back on and start the machine.

A couple of minutes?

The 1501 will be similar.

here is some of the memory that will fit into a dell 6400 click here

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