Changing the processor on a Dell Optiplex G1

  SolvaCollective 16:45 29 Apr 2003

Hey guys do you know if its possible to change the processor on a Dell Optiplex G1 I know its a old machine but I just aquired it for free and I know there fairly reliable so I want to upgrade the components can anyone advise me cheers

  Belatucadrus 18:01 29 Apr 2003

Difficult to sy if you can upgrade the CPU, you really need a look at the Mother board manual to find out what range of chips it will support. A good idea is to install Aida 32 click here and inventory the PC, not only will it tell you what you've got onboard, it provides usefull links to manufacturers sites for product info etc. Probably the easiest update route is more memory and a better graphics card.

  SolvaCollective 14:44 30 Apr 2003

Hi thanks for that. I did go to a website that showed compatability for my machine and it I know what i need get. But still dont have a clue as to how to actually pysically change the CPU!

  Belatucadrus 15:19 30 Apr 2003

Depends what socket type you've got, post the info on what CPU is installed. Somebody's bound to know how to change them. There is an article here that probably tells more than you want to know, still worth a look though. click here

  SolvaCollective 18:31 06 May 2003

Hi my current CPU is a standard P2 I want to upgrade to a Intel celeron 1.4

  Kitz E Kat 21:37 06 May 2003

Hi solva me again!!
Ehhh i duno,, your BIOS might not like what your trying to do, the memory i guess 32 or 64? aint up to much,and in generall the machine might not benefit to much, its an old machine, however it works you got FREE, play with it save your money, buy a new one when you can. IF you can get the chip free then have a go , you'll find it hard to do any damage , i have an old optiplex and have done just about everything possible good and bad! And the damm thing still works, a great computer to learn on , spent nothin on it,just learn and have fun.
Kitz E

  hangman 21:52 06 May 2003

This is an excellent site for info about Dell upgrades. click here

This link should take you to the Optiplex G1 page.

Hope it helps.

  hangman 22:03 06 May 2003

If its any help, this is the main page from where the above link comes from. click here

  Fudged 22:03 06 May 2003

click here

Powerleap have details of upgrades for many Dell systems and links to the UK distributors. I'm looking at upgrading my mother's Optiplex GX1 via this route, as it takes care of power supply issues as well as upgrading the slot to a socket.

  SolvaCollective 14:56 07 May 2003

Yep I know that Power leap is pretty much the way forward. As for the rest of the machine I am trying to add Ram, a 128 stick so I figured with this and a cpu upgrade the machine will be pretty much sorted.

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