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  Furkin 11:46 01 Jun 2005

Can anyone tell me how to stop my computer (1) from opening my picture files from computer (2) with a 'FrontPage' (blue background with white arrow)prefix icon ?
Whilst looking into why I can't get my images to work on my www site, I noted that most of my pictures (jpg) have this prefix icon, but F.Page can't open/load them.
This morning, lifted an image from computer (2) with my USB Flash Drive, with normal prefix (which works well on computer 2),,, but as soon as I opened said USB drive on computer 1, it had changed to the white arrow prefix ?
Of course, this will be straight forward to most of you, but I can't fathom how or why this just changes. If I can work this out (or have it worked out for me) then I think that I can get my www site working properly also.
Thanks for reading this
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  DieSse 14:11 01 Jun 2005


Right click on one such file - Choose "open with" from the context menu - choose which program you want to open it with - click the "always open with..." box.

Now your files should open with the program you want them to open with.

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