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  podlod 08:52 26 Nov 2008

Hi, I have at the moment for my thousands of photos a site which I am sure you all know called Picasa and have had this site for a few years, but I now fancy a change to Irfanview or Photology. If I download one of these sites, will all my existing photos auto transfer into the new site, and when I remove Picasa, will the photos that are in the new site still be cropped etc which I carried out previously in Picasa?

  BT 09:07 26 Nov 2008

You seem to be confused about what you want to do.
Picasa is a Photosharing site as well as a photo editing system.
Irfanview is a Photo editing program
Photology is as far as I can see a program that is for organizing your pictures, similar to Picasa.

If you change whatever program you are using to edit your pictures you will need to associate the pictures with the new program, any editing that you have already done will not change.

To be safe it would be a good idea to archive your pictures onto CD/DVD or external Hard drive. I would not like to trust all my pictures to an online archive.

  podlod 13:42 27 Nov 2008

Hi BT, so what you are saying is that Irfanview will still show my photos to myself and be organized in folders etc like Picasa, but will not be a photosharing site which I do not need and still have a editing system?

  tullie 13:52 27 Nov 2008

They are not sites but software that you download,whichever of these programmes you use,the photoes need to be resident on your computer,or drive attached to it.The photoes in Picasa are only copies of what you have on your computer or drive,remove the photoes and this software can not show them.

  Rahere 14:01 27 Nov 2008

Poblod your second post was clearer so i think we understand what you are proposing.

A few things to bear in mind - Picasa is very different in that it scans your PC for pictures and creates virtual folders using dates and tags.

Windows uses Windows Explorer to show your My Documents/My Pictures folders or wherever you chose to file your pictures.

Take a look at Irfanview - last time I checked it's a solely a picture editing program, it won't arrange your pictures in folders on your PC - you choose where to put them when you transfer them from your camera.

  BT 16:38 27 Nov 2008

is correct in that Irfanview is a picture EDITING program in the same way that Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro are editing programs. It will not organise your picture files.

Irfanview is a useful free program for editing your pictures as is Paint.Net which is a little more like Photoshop/Elements than Irfanview.

  podlod 10:47 02 Dec 2008

Hi, I just want to thank you for your help on a free image viewer, I dont really need a site for editing as i already have Serif, so I will have to find a site that is like Picasa, any ideas?

  oldbeefer2 11:08 02 Dec 2008

Why not stick with Picasa - it's an excellent programme for what you are trying to do?

  Darthchaffinch 12:31 02 Dec 2008

Is Picasa better than Flickr?

  hssutton 13:36 02 Dec 2008

Nikon have a photo hosting site.

Until recently I also used Picasa, but now use Adobes "photoshop express" you can see an example here >> click here. It's also possible once you've signed up to import images direct from Facebook, Flickr, Photosbucket or Picasa

  podlod 10:47 03 Dec 2008

Hi Sutton, This link you sent me for photoshop looks really interesting, and its free, ( I think? ) and the other question I want to ask you is that can I transfer my other photos that I have edited in Picasa and want to keep edited to this new site that looks interesting?
Oldbeefer2, I also like Picasa but just want to try something new, and if I do not like it I can always revert back to Picasa, thats why I want to know if i can keep the edited photos i made.
Darthchaffinch, I have heard some bad reports regarding Flickr, like viruses, goverment intervention, etc; but maybe its just hearsay?

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