Changing personal details

  Tone 15:33 15 Oct 2004

This one is a real funny - it's a problem with PC Advisor!
Having at last been able to move to broadband, I have a new e-mail address. I duly went to the Update Details screen and entered the new address.
On clicking Submit (or whatever) the update screen re-appeared with an error message telling me my nickname (Tone) is already in use and suggesting I choose another. This will divorce me from my previous threads which I would rather not do. How do I get round this?

  Stuartli 16:29 15 Oct 2004

It's due to the fact that an e-mail address is used for the first part of the login.

If you go back to the Update Details page it states a new password will be sent to you to use with your new e-mail address.

You then have to log out and use the two new login details to return, no doubt to also create a new cookie.

  Dorsai 17:37 15 Oct 2004

When I went to BB I was allowed by my ISP to keep my old e-mail address, in addition to the new one (dial up and BB being from the same ISP)

So i did not try and change the details.

will your ISP allow you to keep your old addy, assuming no change in ISP of course.

  D G 20:45 15 Oct 2004

I didn't have any such problems when I changed e-mail address I just got a new password via e-mail and kept same username. DG.

  Yedi 21:11 15 Oct 2004

I have changed my ISP but Update Details has not picked up my new e-mail address yet has made me change my nickname. Also I have not been sent new password. I can live with this but it means PC Advisor will not be able to send me any more e-mails.

  Yedi 21:36 15 Oct 2004

I have now managed to get my new address accepted but I am no longer Tone but Yedi - and I liked Tone.

  D G 08:30 16 Oct 2004

What I have done is open a webmail account specifically for forums and the like, so if I change isp's again I'll not have to change my personal details again because you can use it with any isp. DG

  Stuartli 08:55 16 Oct 2004

I have three different e-mail addresses - one with Pipex, one with Tiscali and a personal domain version.

All are collected with one connection, whether via Pipex or Tiscali.

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