Changing a .pdf File

  The Potter 01:45 27 Jun 2008

What software do we need to be able to open a .pdf file that has been sent to us and make changes to it? I've looked on the Adobe site at the latest version of Reader but I'm not convinced it does it - maybe it's not possible or I'm looking at the wrong thing?

We can create .pdfs in Indesign but that won't open them!

Many thanks,


  wiz-king 05:02 27 Jun 2008

Reader is just that - it wont allow you to change anything, unfortunately you need the full program.
If it is a 'text' file you can copy text from it and then make a new PDF.

  Taff™ 08:43 27 Jun 2008

PDF Xchange Viewer will allow you to annotate with text, sticky notes, highlight, underlie text etc. Much more versatile than Adobe Reader. click here

PDF2Word (Free Trial Version) will convert to Word but is limited to 5 pages. click here

PrimoPDF will convert from Word back to PDF click here

Just about covers it for me.

  The Potter 10:18 27 Jun 2008

Thank you both. I think we are looking at the full program as mentioned by wiz but I can't be sure which one it is on the adobe site. Do you know?

If too expensive we would consider the others so I'm very grateful to Taff too.


  The Potter 10:20 27 Jun 2008

Opps, forgot to mention .... what we want it for is when advert proofs are sent to use in .pdf format we want to be able to make our own changes - change a bit of text or replace a logo or photo. Usually no longer than 2 pages.

  Ditch999 12:16 27 Jun 2008

Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional will edit the PDFs.
If you bought InDesign as part of the Creative Suite package then you might already have it. (They are up to version 9 now I believe)

  Picklefactory 12:43 27 Jun 2008

Foxit do a an extremely quick and IMO good pdf reader, it also has the functions to add annotations etc. They also do a pdf editor. There is a free version of the editor you can try which adds a small advert stamp to each file in free mode. I don't know how the license stands up though, if you are using for commercial use.
click here

  The Potter 22:56 27 Jun 2008

Thank you Chaps! I'm at home now and can't investigate the above options for another week because I am on leave to watch the tennis ;)

Points noted though:

We're working in XP so Serif PagePlus may be an option.

What Ditche said is probably what I'm looking for - the adobe programme. NB: My InDesign prod at work is a stand alone v2 - it was overkill in it's day for what we need so I highly doubt it needs upgrading anyway (?).

Will also look at PFs suggestion but we'll definately need to be paying, can't be having stamps on things!

In the end it will all come down to cost. Probably can't justify more than £600 but I'll explore all your options and see.



  MarvintheAndroid 23:00 27 Jun 2008

If the file has been saved with security settings enabled, you may not be able to edit.


  Pesala 23:22 28 Jun 2008

PP11 at £20 click here will probably do what you need. Though not all PDF files will import satisfactorily — due to missing fonts, etc. You may need to do some reformatting.

PDF-XChange free version will annotate PDF files very nicely without any trial version stamps. click here

Ask on the Tracker software forums about other PDF eidting products. click here

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