Changing passwords.

  MuDelta 10:56 03 Jun 2014

The one recurrent piece of advice arising from all the recent anxiety about breaches of security seems to be “change your passwords now and don’t use the same one for more than one site”. As I do, most people use something that is meaningful to them and not a selection of random characters. Devising new and memorable words for each site is a daunting prospect. Suppose I have a password which is CreamBun1 is it good enough to change it to CreamBun2 or some other digit(s) or character? Perhaps this is too easy for a hacker; advice please.

  Jollyjohn 11:29 03 Jun 2014

The longer the password the better.

So twelvedaysofchristmas is a good base

it could be 12daysofxmas, 12DaysofXmas etc... add random capitals and a mix of the two phrases and you have an easy to remember phrase which is a string of characters to a computer and will take a long time to crack.

Another trick is to think of a word / phrase and use the keys one to the left, or right, for example "fred" could become gtws

  spuds 11:29 03 Jun 2014

There are software packages that can choose passwords for you, with security ratings of low to high on the password you choose. But I would suspect that quite a lot of average users of the internet, have very little that a true professional hacker would have interest in.

Changing from CreamBun1 to CreamBun2 would still pose the same problem, and wouldn't make a great deal of difference.

For most of us, its trying to remember what the password is for a particular website, hence the usual 'forgotten password' facility on most websites.

Some people can get rather paranoid about this subject, others perhaps like myself are not, because my computers contain items of very little interest. If you are doing massive amounts of confidential work or perhaps money transfers, then that might be a very different ball game?.

  compumac 13:50 03 Jun 2014

I would echo MechKB 2

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