Changing password on wired Realtek RTL8139 router

  GMD 16:26 13 Feb 2007

My ISP, PlusCom, recently advised its forum users to change their password (security issue) which I did. It then advised that we would be denied internet access unless we changed all other passwords, specifically modems. I have a Realtek RTL8139 FamilyPC1 Fast ethernet modem router which was installed at a later date when I attached a second computer.
I have not been able to discover how to change its password and after 5 days I could no longer access the internet, or my emails. I solved the problem by changing back to my original password. PlusCom have not been much help, repeatedly telling me to consult my manual (which I never had as it was done by a computer shop, since out of business) or using a web browser.
I intend to keep my original password but would like to know how to change if if this happens again.

  sinbads 16:37 13 Feb 2007

you will need to change your password in your router setup and then apply. when you log into your isp you will also need to use your new password

  sinbads 16:42 13 Feb 2007

sorry got my undies wrapped over go to isp acount details should be an option to change password confirm your new password and the change your router setting to match

  Batch 17:20 13 Feb 2007

Does the router box actually say RealTek RTL8139 on it (as the router brand / model) or something else?

  GMD 19:19 13 Feb 2007

Thanks Sinbad, but the whole point is I have no idea how to change my router setting! (I am a female silver surfer)
And, Batch, I got the RealTek details by looking in my network connections, clicking my LAN icon and Properties and that is what it gave under "connect using"
The router itself has ADSL Modem Router - eTEC - on the front and Model PT-3812: HW A-33:
F/W V41021-F underneath.

  sinbads 19:40 13 Feb 2007

ok your realtek is your onboard adapter the adsl modem router is the unit that connects to the bt socket.

This is what you need to configure ie change your isp password. Your isp have asked you to change your password for security reasons. if you do that on their site you must also change your router settings to match otherwise you will not be able to connect as it will have the old password.if you see what i mean thats why your providers is telling you to do.

is your provider plusnet?

  GMD 19:52 13 Feb 2007

Thank you Sinbad. Yes I understand all that. I did change my password but I couldn't find out how to change my router settings so I went back to my original password and solved the connection problem that way.
I only want to know in case there is a more serious security issue (I do not use their forums which is where the issue arose) but you still haven't told me HOW I change my router settings.
Yes my provider is plusnet.
Am going out now so will have another look tomorrow.

  ed-0 20:12 13 Feb 2007

Copy and paste this in your internet address bar click here

Put in your user name and password just for the router. Not your ISP's user name and password.

Scroll down to login. Now put your internet user name and your new password. Pick apply and ok.

Pop up to the status monitor setting to see if the router is connected to your ISP.

  GMD 12:34 14 Feb 2007

Unfortunately the link doesn't take me anywhere. A message appears saying;
"The connection was reset
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading"
But thanks for trying.

  Batch 14:22 14 Feb 2007

The user manual for this ETEC box can be downloaded at:

click here for firmware 4.x.x.x


click here for firmware Release 8 or 9.

In either case the manuals show the router's default IP as click here with the default admin username of "admin" and password of "epicrouter"

AFAIK, the Realtek RTL8139 is just the network chip used in the box.

You can upgrade your firmware (if necessary) from: click here

  GMD 15:54 14 Feb 2007

Thank you very much Batch. That should give me all I need to know. I have saved the files for future reference.

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