bpzoom 12:27 07 Sep 2006

I replaced my motherboard with a more modern version and the processor and memory. I dropped them straight into the machine without reloading XP HOME. Everything went well apart from some boot up peculiarities which I could not resolve. I now have a 2.2gb machine with 1gb ram. I chose Windows Repair and for whatever reason I ended up with a corrupted system on partition C:
My two hard 40gb drives are partitioned thus C: E: G: and H: with the D and F for CD roms. I have now loaded a fresh XP Homewith SP2 and updates into partition G: Question please, can I with Partition Magic 7 or by any other means re-letter the partitions so that the new XP on G: ends up on C:, having eliminated the corrupted system.

  ventanas 12:21 07 Sep 2006

Not for the faint hearted but click here;EN-US;Q223188

  ventanas 12:24 07 Sep 2006

Try again, I don't know how my reply ended up before your post. click here

  FelixTCat 12:30 07 Sep 2006


Yes, you can easily reletter the drives, but if you do, XP won't work, because it will expect to find itself on the G: drive.



  bpzoom 13:27 07 Sep 2006

Thank you, that is a very definite No then! I presume then I could re-letter the other partitions to follow G: i.e G: H; I; etc leaving XP on the G:?

  ventanas 13:48 07 Sep 2006

I hadn't realised that my post had not gone through properly. I've no idea how it came to be before your original. But try again. click here

You cannot change the boot drive letter from within XP. As far as I am aware this link is the only way.

  FelixTCat 15:28 07 Sep 2006


You could, but why bother? XP doesn't care which drive letter it's on, nor do programs or data. I used to run a pc that had Win ME (spit!) on C: and XP on H:. I used to run it in XP with XP programs on I: but reading data off E:

The only thing I would be uncomfortable with is the CD drives on D: and F: - I prefer to have removable drives on X: Y: and Z: so they don't interfere with fixed partitions.



  bpzoom 15:44 07 Sep 2006

Thanks again Felix. I take your point. If XP does not care, why should I? Just thought it would look neater. That will be less recovery work for me then. Very grateful for your advice. I will leave well alone, except to delete Windows (the corrupt one) from C: partition.

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