Changing parallel port setting to EPP

  fly 18:16 09 May 2003

In BIOS my parallel port setting is Normal. How can I change it to EPP or ECP? In other words I cannot find anywhere to change this, perhaps the Registry? I am using WIN 95

  woodchip 18:19 09 May 2003

You first have to enable ECP/EPP in cmos setup when your computer starts up. it will tell you what key to press to enter setup

  alben 18:21 09 May 2003

You change it in the BIOS,use the arrow keys to select,press enter and the options will appear.

  fly 08:29 10 May 2003

Thanks for trying. The CMOS set up does not mention ports, only Date, Time, Hard disks, video, memory. The BIOS set up (in intergrated peripherals) says "parallel port setting: set to NORMAL" If I select this and press F1 for help it says "availlable options: normal, EPP, ECP+EPP" I want the latter for a parallel port scanner I am proposing to buy (no USB). I cannot obviously select or change the help screen. It also says <BIOS><SET UP> by the side of the options. I cannot modify the parallel port : normal bit in the intergrated peripherals screen. It must be somewhere else to change the selection to ECP+EPP.

  Brian-336451 08:48 10 May 2003

See above

  fly 09:29 10 May 2003

Can't select it, it's only mentioned in the help file

  pj123 10:29 10 May 2003

Highlight the setting "normal" and then press the Page Up or Page Down keys until you get EPP. press Esc, then press F10 and save setting and exit.

  woodchip 12:49 10 May 2003

Use page-up Page-down key to selet then exit and save settings

  Brian-336451 12:57 10 May 2003

The selection is in the BIOS setup you spoke of.

On the page that says Parallel Port setting NORMAL, use the cursor keys to highlight NORMAL, then usually you can press ENTER or PAGE UP/DOWN (whichever is the method your motherboard uses) and cursor to what you want ie ECP + EPP.

Once that is done, press Escape or F10 (that can also be different depending on m/b).

Whatever method make sure you select the EXIT AND SAVE CHANGES (or some similar wording) and reboot.

You should now have what you want.

  fly 15:37 10 May 2003

Thanks to all, especially those who said "Page up" etc. Very silly of me not to have guessed that PU/PD was that. ENTER did nothing. Now the strange thing is that when I changed it to ECP/EPP, my scanner (which I was proposing to ditch and buy another as it was recently taking over a minute to scan A4 black and white drawing at 300 dpi) now goes like a bomb (15 seconds); there was nothing wrong with it. Why has it been working OK for 4 years? Can the port setting have changed without my knowing?
My thanks again to all you experts

  david4637 16:43 10 May 2003

What is the significance of the parallel port set for ECP or EPP or for both. Thanks David

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