Changing a parallel port assignment in xp

  jay2jay 00:29 04 Sep 2005

I have recently installed an additional p&p parallel port and Win XP has assigned it LPT3. Neither my mature but efficient scanner or printer will recognise the port and I have been advised to change the port to LPT2. Can someone please advise how to do this correctly?



  Napster 2005 00:32 04 Sep 2005

Buy A parrallel to usb adaptor...worked for me

  jay2jay 00:47 04 Sep 2005

Thanks Napster 2005, but when I walk I squeak and the thought of another purchase makes me take up the Lotus position an pray for Karma, however, your suggestion is noted for a last resort

Thanks a lot


  Skills 00:51 04 Sep 2005

OK I haven't actually tried this just had a look but open device manger then find you parallel port and right click on it choose properties and then the port settings tab there is a drop down box to change the port number

  jay2jay 00:57 04 Sep 2005

Thanks Skills, I've tried that but upon restart it reverts to LPT3, crafty little ****** eh!


  DieSse 01:23 04 Sep 2005

Try uninstalling it, changing the position of the crad to another slot, then re-instaling it.

Maybe XP will change it's mind.

  jay2jay 01:58 04 Sep 2005

Thanks DieSse,tried but no go, xp is as stubborn as a bag of donkeys!!


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