Changing the OS only.

  Daibus 18:38 02 Jan 2006

I would be grateful for your advice.

If I buy a new laptop and wish to install a fresh OS is there a way of doing it without losing any of the additional software and drivers that are pre-installed?

I'm asking this as I'm in Spain and maybe would just like to change the OS to English but leaving everything else in tact. I was also wondering if the laptop would even boot up at all as presumably all the drivers etc. would be lost.

I would think I could put all the drivers onto an external drive before formating the HD - but which would be the best way to carry out this change?

Many thanks.

  Noelg23 18:42 02 Jan 2006

well if its a brand new laptop I assume the CD you get with it is in fact a recovery disc...altho saying that laptops come with a partition on the HDD that is the recovery of the OS if u use that you will have everything pre-installed anyway so long as you havent added anything new yourself or have any important dat on try will have all the stuff put back on it...

  jimv7 18:59 02 Jan 2006

Why not ask for the os to be installed in english when you purchase it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 02 Jan 2006

Assuming Windows OS

most windows OS systems come with twolanguages country of origin (Spain ) and english (US)

I change a Hebrew version to English and back again while in Israel earlier this year. (I don't speak, read or write Hebrew couldn't recognise the letters and they write backwards compared to us)

Look in Regional and laguage options in the control panel.

  Zeppelyn 19:19 02 Jan 2006

Surely Windows itself can do this for you, look in Control Panel Regional Options. Alternatively the question you ask is possible providing you have a Windows set up disc. Boot from CD and do a repair install.

Click Here click here

  Daibus 08:17 03 Jan 2006

Thank you very much for your replies.

Laptops here cannot be installed with a language other than Spanish and as you say Noelg23 the PC I am interested in has the OS on a partition and there are no CD's included.

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - I was very interested to see that you were able to change the language on the OS - was it XP Home as after exhaustive enquiries I was told it cannot be done unless you have XP Professional and even then you require a special language pack to carry out the change - please tell me how as that would solve my problem.


  DieSse 11:41 03 Jan 2006

*Laptops here cannot be installed with a language other than Spanish*

I know for sure this is not correct - i've lived in Spain for over 18 years, and spent many years operating my own computer business (no longer though!).

Try some other places - you can get a laptop with English OS installed. I'm pretty sure Dell will do this for you - and lots of smaller comapnies certainly will. I used to buy all my English OSs via a Spanish wholesaler!

  007al 12:04 03 Jan 2006

In regional and Language Options,click the advanced tab tick the language you want and then Apply.You may need the windows disc,but it should already be written to hard drive,and windows will find it

  DieSse 12:41 03 Jan 2006

"I was told it cannot be done unless you have XP Professional and even then you require a special language pack to carry out the change"

That's what I understand too - and cannot see any way to actually change the OS language otherwise. That's not the same as changing the language settings. And yes, it is the MUI facility which changes all the menus, dialogues etc. click here

click here

  Daibus 14:25 03 Jan 2006

Thanks guys for your replies.

Yes you are right DieSse and Dell will suply the PC with the OS of choice as I did about three years for my desktop but I have been looking around local stores with names you will be familiar with eg. El Corte Ingles - Boulanger - FNAC as well as several others and the only option for any make of PC that they sell would be to purchase XP in English as an extra for about €200 which is really not on for a new machine.

I have not investigated many of the smaller retailers but that certainly is an option.

Any future help would be great.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:58 03 Jan 2006

Can't remember wether Home or Pro, certainly didn't need any language packs or even the XP cd in the drive.

XP had been install off a FUll disk not OEM, as disk was damaged my frieend obtained a new XP CD from the MS offices in Tel Aviv while I was there.

Navigated to Control panel and regional languages basically by spotting the icons and past experience. (can't read Hebrew)

Only two languages available were in this case English US and Hebrew. HAve done same on a German version thats how I knew it could be done.

My UK (pro)version shows 2 options english US and english UK

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