Changing my website using Frontpage2000

  daisy2bell 21:16 29 Mar 2006

I've got an existing website which I made using Frontpage 2000. I now wish to change it again using frontpage 2000, but this time using frames.
I can't actualy change the existing page to one with frames, so I will have to do a completely new one.
As this is the ist page (index.html) will this cause a problem with search engines ( I have a fairly good ranking) when I take the existing page down and replace it with a brand new one, even though it will be called the same.

  daisy2bell 13:36 30 Mar 2006

Thanks John
The reason I want frames, is that I want to seperate the links from the main page IE have the links on the extreme left hand side. I'm only talking of 2 frames.
Even if I kept to exactly the same text and content as my current site would the search engine ranking be effected?

  daisy2bell 13:38 30 Mar 2006

Do you want me to send you a link for my site, if so shall I do it on the forum of per email

  JBX22 02:29 31 Mar 2006

You could create a table at the left side and that should solve the problem. Either create a table (say) 50 pixels wide, or do the whole page as a table. This means you can place anything anywhere and be fairly sure it will appear where you want it to without having to worry about which browser people are using (Some browsers see pages differently and display oddly)


The easier way is to add a margin which can appear on all or just one page. This can be at top, side, bottom and in any combination. This means the browser only has to load the info once so it speeds it up.

  daisy2bell 07:20 31 Mar 2006

Thanks JBX22
I'll play around with the table / margin and see what it looks like

  daisy2bell 10:28 31 Mar 2006

My existing site
click here
This is without frames

My new site
click here
with frames

It is the first site (click here) which I want to convert, so that it looks like click here

  JBX22 05:30 03 Apr 2006


I keep reading this on a mchine that doesn't have FP on it, and it's ages from I used it - so I'm guessing a bit - but along the top of the page (I think it is under "Format" but I may be wrong) if you show all the menu options there is an option that says "shared borders" - that's the one you want. It allows you to put common info on one page and automatically replicate it across all pages. You can then specify which borders to keep or drop form any specific page.

  steve263000 05:24 04 Apr 2006


I have tried to view your site, both with and without the frame links. Without, and it loads straight away, fast and easy to access. With frames, and it does not load at all. It appears that the site is down which would of course answer that, but the no frames site is very quick indeed, and that of course brings the visitor in.

  daisy2bell 09:33 05 Apr 2006


Sorry it took so long to reply, ( computer problems)

I have done the site differently now.
Could you please check it out again and let me know if it loads faster. You might need to refresh the page to get the newest one up.
click here


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