Changing my sound card

  lester1 00:37 03 Jan 2003
  lester1 00:37 03 Jan 2003

I have a pavilion PC with a Rockwell sound/modem card. How do I change to a Soundblaster 5.1 card?

  Lozzy 02:19 03 Jan 2003

1. Buy the sound card.

2. If the original sound card id an onboard one disable it in Control panel and in the BIOS

3. Insert the new sound card in a spare slot

4. Insert the installation CD

Job done

  Lozzy 02:20 03 Jan 2003

I omitted to say make sure your earthed before attempting to open the casing otherwise you will may have more issues than you bargained for

  dez fowler 03:35 03 Jan 2003

leave your computer plugged into the wall with the wall socket and computer hardware switch turned off, the case is still earthed through the plug socket

now just make sure you keep in contact with the case whilst messing about inside, which you'll find is the easiest way to keep your hand steady whilst manoeuvering cards into slots anyway

  wawadave 04:36 03 Jan 2003

warning do not leave it plugged to wallsocket well working on it ever.

  Chaz10 10:48 03 Jan 2003

A simple cheap way to keep a computer earthed is to get an old computer power cable and remove the live and neutral pins from the plug(bottom 2) attach it to the computer again and you will be earthed without the risk of being fried!

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