Changing my router, do I need to delete anything?

  ralph-226856 21:49 03 Aug 2008

Hi all.
I recently received help in setting up my BT Voyager wireless router in this forum. Since then I've had problems with sending emails via Outlook Express and my router's management program won't let me upgrade the routers firmware. I’ve traced the OE fault to my router by installing a temporary USB modem on my PCs which cured the email fault in OE, so I've decided to change routers.
I've got a Netgear DG834G that I propose to use in place of the voyager, but would like to know if there are any existing settings on my desktop PCs and laptop that I need to delete or change before I try to install the Netgear router?
I've got two desktop PCs, one with Win98 installed and the other with XP Pro, and the
Laptop has Vista Premium.
Any guidance would be appreciated.

  brundle 22:40 03 Aug 2008

No, any devices plugged in with cables ought to configure themselves automatically (if your network settings and TCP/IP settings haven't been fiddled with), wireless devices should only require you to search for and connect to the new router with the relevant encryption key.

  brundle 22:41 03 Aug 2008

Though you should uninstall any BT Voyager specific software before swapping.

  brundle 22:42 03 Aug 2008

Except if it's software for a BT wireless adapter, not to help manage the router

  ralph-226856 23:15 03 Aug 2008

Thanks brundle,cheers.

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