Changing my ISP from Pipex to Sky B/B

  Halmer 08:13 16 Jun 2007

Given that I pay £14.99 a month for low speed Pipex which I am no longer fixed into contract wise and I have Sky Digital TV which includes broadband for free: -

1 How easy is it to move?
2 What do I do?
3 Would you recommend it?


  Graham. 09:01 16 Jun 2007

1 Very easy

2 click here Navigate to 'can I get it?'

3 Yes

  Graham. 09:04 16 Jun 2007

2 Navigate to 'Check availability' :-)

  Graham. 09:07 16 Jun 2007

You will need to advise Pipex to close your account. They will issue a MAC (Migration) code which Sky will request from you.

  mad1234 09:15 16 Jun 2007

i've had sky broadband(free one) for 10 months & had no problems. yes i would recommend it

  Halmer 18:10 16 Jun 2007
  Graham. 10:42 17 Jun 2007

You will have a 'main' Email address of, for example, [email protected] which you will choose when setting up the account. Have some alternatives standing by in case your first choice is already taken. Once set up, you cannot change this, and you must configure your Outlook Express or whatever to check for messages, as this is the one Sky will use to contact you.

Later you can add other addresses, for example, [email protected]. You can have anything in front of @ as long as it is not already in use.

When I signed up you could only do it by phone.

  chrischambers 10:52 17 Jun 2007

I moved from BT to SKY, swap over was a total nightmare, SKY left me without broadband for 2 weeks. They ended up sending two routers, anybody want one?

Saying that the service when running is fine.

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