Changing my ISP

  vimto 09:48 10 Apr 2004

Could someone help me please. I am considering changing my ISP from BT to AOL because in my opinion BT anytime is a con....I can`t get broadband where I live yet BT want to charge me the same amount for Anytime (150 hours only) as they do for the slower broadband rate. What I would like to know is the following.

1. Do I have to give BT any notice of my intentions....I`m on Surf Time at the moment been with them almost 3 years.

2. Do I need to save all of my favourites which I have saved on BT.

3. Will I still be able to access Outlook Express, and will I need to change my e.mail addy with them, and will I need to save my addresses?

4. Will I need to get new passports etc., to access MSN and my many groups there ?

If I have forgoteen anything which you think will be important to me for this changeover, I`d be grateful if you would add it to your reply.

Thanks a lot....Vimto

  Forum Editor 10:47 10 Apr 2004

attached to your Surftime account, and one of them will relate to termination notice. Usually, a monthly account can be terminated at one month's notice, but you'll need to check that.

2. If you've saved favourites in Internet Explorer they'll still be there, regardless of which ISP you use. They are part of Internet Explorer, and are not ISP-specific in any way.

3. Outlook Express is also part of Internet Explorer, and not in any way connected with your ISP. Your address book will remain unaltered, but you will lose your BT email address. Your new ISP will provide you with a new email address.

4. Your MSN access will remain unaltered - and you won't need a new Passport.

All you need to do, once you have your new ISP account, is to set up a new dialup connection in Windows - many ISPs provide you with software that does this automatically, but if not, they'll provide a step-by-step instruction for you on their web site. Look at it before you actually lose your BT connection, and make notes, so you can dial up immediately you've made the change.

You'll need to set up a new mail account in Outlook Express, with details of the new ISP's mail servers. Once again, they'll provide you with full instructions. It's easy enough, but you have any problems you know where to come for help, don't you?

  Gongoozler 10:48 10 Apr 2004

Hi Vimto. I don't like AOL, mainly because I don't like the way their software takes over the computer, although many people love AOL.

To change from BT as an ISP, all you need to do is cancel your BT Surftime contract, and any other regular payment agreement you have with BT as an ISP. Before you cancel BT, go to the website of another ISP, such as Freeserve click here, and sign up for a Pay-as-you-go service (Freeserve No Ties), or whatever is the most suitable for you. You can download the dial-up settings. All your other settings will stay the same.

  TommyRed 10:59 10 Apr 2004

When I was on dial-up I used Tesco Anytime 24/7 for about £12.49 a month. I got a CD instore which if I remember changed all the settings for me after prompting for the info. Had very little trouble with the service. click here HTH TR

  spuds 13:06 10 Apr 2004

When you cancel the Surftime package, just phone BT customer services, but make sure that you have a substitute ISP ready, as they may want to cancel there and then, even though the line still connected for a few days later. I found that BT were very helpfull on this matter, even gave me a refund.

  vimto 13:42 10 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

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