Changing MP3's to data files

  Dazwm 11:30 21 Sep 2003

Can I change mp3s to data files cos I have so many it takes up a hell of alot of room on my hardrive. Is it right that if they are data files they are smaller in size?

  Jester2K II 11:32 21 Sep 2003

No. Burn them of to cd or delete those you don't need to make more room.

  tenplus1 11:45 21 Sep 2003

MP3's are data files, the only way to scrunch them down any further is to convert each one to a different (and smaller) format...

Get hold of CDex 1.51 and that will allow you to convert your MP3 collection to Ogg Vorbis which is a lot smaller and sounds just as good...

That way each file (depending on settings) is 1/3rd of the size... not bad eh... and WinAMP can still play em happily...

  powerless 12:35 21 Sep 2003

Round 'em up and burn em to CD.

  MAJ 12:36 21 Sep 2003

When burning them to CD-R, make sure to use the "Burn Data CD" option, rather than the "Create Audio CD" option. When burning a Data CD you can use multi-session mode, that way you can burn some now and then burn some more at a later date.

  Jabba10 22:48 21 Sep 2003

Microsoft Plus for XP (if you're working with XP) has the facility to change MP3's to WMA files. This will reduce the size.

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