Changing Mother board

  john-232317 07:55 02 Jan 2007

Hi Guys, a bit of advice please.

I have located a new M.B. an AMD K7S8XE+ and need to change my naff one.

The processor is an AMDK7 Athlon XP2600, can I change it complete or will I have to take the heatsink off first and rebed it on or can I take them off together and fit on new M.B.?
TIA john

  €dstowe 08:30 02 Jan 2007

Do it as a complete unit if you can. Less danger of things getting in the way/muck interfering with the contact etc. Remember there will be lots of dirt around if it's been used before and this could cause havoc with re-seating it.

  john-232317 08:36 02 Jan 2007

Thanks for the reply, thats what I was thinking, but not sure if they would come off together.

  €dstowe 08:43 02 Jan 2007

I think that, even if they are not fastened together, the adhesiveness of the thermal paste/pad will hold them (if you're careful).

  keef66 10:02 02 Jan 2007

Given the force required to remove the retaining clip on an Athlon, I bet you'll disturb the thermal paste anyway, so it would be best to separate them, clean them up, and apply some new thermal compound on installation into your new mobo.

  Gongoozler 10:20 02 Jan 2007

If the heatsink does come away from the processor, make sure that you remove EVERY TRACE of compound from both the processor and heatsink mating faces before you apply new compound. I once wrecked a processor by missing a tiny granule of dried compound when fitting a new heatsink.

  john-232317 13:56 02 Jan 2007

As you said, when I released the spring clip they came apart so now its a paste job.

Now all I have to do is find a shop that sells the paste (Spain)and some cleaner ?, I heard meths is good ?

  Input Overload 14:09 02 Jan 2007

Advise on using thermal paste click here

  Gongoozler 14:10 02 Jan 2007

Meths always works for me.

  john-232317 14:50 02 Jan 2007

Thanks for the help guys. I will tick as resolved.

  keef66 09:44 03 Jan 2007

Meths is fine, although acetone is quicker. You can get away with nail varnish remover as long as it is oil free.

I use IPA (isopropyl alcohol, not beer) which a friend acquired from the lab for me. It's used to clean electrical things; Maplins sell it in the UK.

Whatever you use, make sure the two surfaces are completely clean of the old thermal compound, and that all the solvent has evaporated before you commence reassembly.

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