changing modem to modem router problem.. Plz help

  frogzz 16:59 16 Jan 2007

Hello. Heres the problem

Currently we have ADSL connection and have previously been using a USB speedtouch modem, which is fine for 1/2 pc's. NOW WE NEED 3!

We now have an ADSL modem router that didn't come with any software but we managed to install it through device manager and windows found the driver.

When we click on status in network connections the new modem is 'connected' but we cannot load internet explorer on any of the pc's.

There is a flashing SYS light on the modem router which may be the source of the problem?

modem appears as connexant usb network adapter under connections.

The local connection (connexant) says it's connected but it doesn't work when we remove the speedtouch pile of junk.

We've tried reinstalling tiscali through the new modem router but this doesn't work. maybe we're doing it wrong?

****SO how do we basically scrap the useless speedtouch modem that tiscali gave us? and get the modem router working and connected to all pcs?****

if you need any other details we'll reply immediately.

thanks all!

  ^wave^ 17:04 16 Jan 2007

ok you need to put into the router your isp data ieuser id and password u should then connect

  frogzz 17:06 16 Jan 2007

Yeh understand completely what you are saying, we think that too... BUT We don't know how to do that!!! PLEASE advise! thanks

  ^wave^ 17:10 16 Jan 2007

ok you need to use the admin screen try and conect thru a browser try do you know the make of the adsl modem router

  FreeCell 17:16 16 Jan 2007

You need to set up the router by getting access to its control software, which usually sits in the router and not on your PC. You access it normally by typing an address into your browser address bar.

As you haven't said what model of router you have bought try:

Using IE type http:\ and press enter.

This should get you to the control panel where you will see settings available to enter your ISP login and password.

Set up instructions normally come with router not software but some do have set up software programs.

  FreeCell 17:17 16 Jan 2007

Sorry ^wave^ duplicated your advice.

  Rtus 17:24 16 Jan 2007

Go to your original usb settings & remove them , I-e you should have nothing set for it to dial-up to, use never dial connection (jot down all info you need to set it back up if your router dont work out)as freecell says use the url to set the router then go into control panel & use network wizard to set up the new connection,adding your user /password .then sometimes you have to save the configuration of the router too .read every item carefully bore moving on to the next step .

  blanco 17:43 16 Jan 2007


  frogzz 19:05 16 Jan 2007

thanks for all your advice. We're gonna try later and we'll let you know

  Rtus 19:23 16 Jan 2007

you could try > Start > RUN > type CMD then when dos screen appears type at the flashing curser ipconfig then press enter > it should present you with the default gateway similar to you merely type that numbver into the browser address bar click here as shown

  frogzz 20:01 16 Jan 2007

Hi guys,

Using RTUS's advice we were able to remove the original usb modem settings and also toggled the box "never dial a connection".

We were then able to find the IP ( of the new router using the CMD function in DOS.

However, we entered the IP mentioned above in the browser address bar in both internet explorer and firefox but all we get is the "this page cannot be displayed" message.

I don't understand how entering this IP address in IE or any other browser will take me into the control panel menu?

Also, RTUS, when using "network setup wizard" in control panel 3 options are displayed:

1.connect directly to internet
2.connect to internet through a gateway

In each of these connection methods there does not seem to be anywhere where i can enter my current tiscalli username or password.

We're so sorry to take up your time and all your help is much appreciated. We're just finding it hard to fathom why such a small thing as changing modems is so hard!

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