Changing mobo & cpu beneath the OS

  gartoye 18:58 16 Oct 2006

Hi Pc Advisors, its been ages since I did a basic hardware course at college but Im sure the guy said the above IS possible, an IT friend at work says it isnt (hes says it will be blue screen time till new OS is installed). I currently run an athlon 1600+ with 1gb ddr memory on an ESC K7S5A board, just bought a Intel Duo E6300 & Asus P5V - VM DH board with 1gb DDR 2 533. What Im aiming to do is get everything on the new cpu & board & upgrade to Vista, PCI express & SATA as & when possible.
Im concerned about the validity of the OS, please dont get me wrong Im not a pirate I paid £100 for my own copy of XP pro, but did make the silly mistake of also putting it on a mates pc who was having mega problems with M/soft ME to help him out. Since then I can only get automatic updates & m/soft says its invalid. Im worried if I start from scracth & reinstall I wont have an OS at all, I would much rather keep the existing HD intact. As I mentioned Im sure I heard changing cpu & board 'beneath' the OS is posssible but you need to do something with the OS cdrom, well Ive got it right here (product key too) Im just worried I'll have no pc at all if I format & start again. I know this one is a bit of a rambler sorry folks, any advice or comments much appreciated.

  sean-278262 19:33 16 Oct 2006

As you have broken the terms of the licence agreement you only have the option of going out and getting a new copy.

However the comment about BSOD is incorrect. It should load up fine and detect the new hardware just fine but you will loose XP after 30 days till you sort out the OS.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:50 16 Oct 2006

Will not work as will have drivers for old motherboard, will probably NOT boot.

Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here

  gartoye 20:47 16 Oct 2006

Thanks for the replies, I think I'll be patient & just keep the hardware boxed until vista comes along, no point in buying another XP product key when Vista is just around the corner, many thanks.

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