Changing a laptop mobo

  Poloman69™ 13:51 02 Nov 2005

Is it possible (and easy) to change a mobo on a laptop?

  uisquebeathus 14:11 02 Nov 2005

I am sorry to say that it could be a difficult proposition to find a replacement mobo and as to the fitting its not simple or easy either. The companies who make them do not hold a large stock of individual components for Laptops and the cost could be more expensive than a replacement. I have had a few problems getting parts, the best you can do is either EBAY or a decent replacement and recover the data and docs you want of the old drive onto the new laptop.

  jack 15:11 02 Nov 2005

In a word - Dont
Laptops are made as integrated units.
Simpy buy the next one.

  woodchip 15:13 02 Nov 2005

Not Even worth thinking aout doing it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:55 02 Nov 2005

Possible but certainly ot easy.

Hard to buy another to fit the case.

Extreamly difficult to strip out everything to get down to the mobo with out breaking something else in the process.

Why do you want to change it anyway.

  nutcrusher 17:28 02 Nov 2005

Laptopsolutions have emailed to give a cost of £38.19 inc VAT delivered. That seems reasonable and a great improvement on the £80+VAT+Del

  Polopaul69™ 23:06 30 Nov 2005

On my advice, he's now buying a desktop as he can get the same spec, if not better for a few hundred quid, and he'll be flogging the working spares on Ebay

  josie mayhem 23:28 30 Nov 2005

Before your friend decides to sale the spares on e-bay, I would suggest that he take the hard drive out, and buy a caddy these cost £13 up wards (I paid £23 including postage for mine) this will turn it into a external hard drive, perfect for backing ups.

  Polopaul69™ 23:32 30 Nov 2005

Ooops forgot to say, he bought one of those from scan already. Using it on my pc at the moment, but will be using it as a travel one once the new pc arrives

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