Changing ISP - Wireless modem

  john bunyan 17:30 06 Nov 2007

I am considering changing ISP's from Pipex to Zen or Newnet. (Any thoughts ?) I have a Linksys WAG54GX2 wireless modem/router. I remember it was difficult to set up with IP address and other info from the ISP etc and am worried I will lose the ability to connect if I change over. I am aware I start with a MAC code from my existing ISP, but is ther an idiots guide to include the setting up of the router, changing e mail address etc ? Does the router remember the security setting etc?

  FreeCell 18:17 06 Nov 2007

All you will need to change on the router is to alter the ISP settings (account name and password) from Pipex to your new ISP's. No need to change any wireless settings as these are unique to your set up.

Changing email addresses is another matter altogether, as your old pipex address will die. You will need to set up a new address and to change your email program (e.g.Outlook Express) to pick up new emails and to send emails via the new ISP. This means changing the POP and SMTP names from those you currently use.

You will also need to tell everyone your new email address of course, and don't forget to change existing registered addresses such as the one you have used to get automatic emails for responses to forums like this one.

  john bunyan 18:30 06 Nov 2007

FreeCell. Thanks. I will also try to set up a number of e. mail addresses to confuse spammers - will keep personal , trusted people on one, commercial transactions on another etc. Maybe one can at least reduce the deluge of spam by changing the commercial one from time to time.

  Graham. 19:33 06 Nov 2007

I changed to Sky in March. They send you a router.

I have set up several email addresses, not one spam on any.

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