changing ISP & email address

  jarani 14:15 05 Mar 2007

This seems a challenge when first encountered -

changing ISP may be ok, but how do you notify everyone that needs to know that you now have a new email address after 7 years

I have not kept a record of who was given the details, like banks, financial institutions and the like

any suggestions ? - jarani

  oldbeefer2 14:30 05 Mar 2007

I would have thought that you have everyone that you need to communicate with in your address book? Simple, then, to e-mail the world with your new address.

  Stuartli 15:05 05 Mar 2007

Not necessarily.

Quite a lot of important e-mails I receive come from organisations I have never been in contact with by e-mail in the first place.

Which is the reason for jarani's third paragraph.

I'm still using e-mail addresses set up eight and 11 years ago, the latter is connected with one ISP's dialup PAYG account and the former because, just before leaving this particular ISP, I set up a dialup PAYG account to maintain the e-mail address.

Even though I rarely check these PAYG dialup accounts I still get e-mails regularly through them.

  Dipso 15:17 05 Mar 2007

Which ISP jarani?

Like Stuartli I also have a few old email accounts that I drag along with me from ISP to ISP. If you could keep the old one going that would solve your problem or if you prefer not to have more than one you could run both until your were sure that you had notified everyone that mattered.

  Batch 16:29 05 Mar 2007

Like others, I carried on using old PAYG dial-up email accounts (freeserve / tiscali in my case) after switching to broadband with another provider. With freeserve I need to dial in every 90 days to keep the accounts active, with Tiscali this isn't necessary.

In the end I binned the old freeserve account just 'cos of the volume of spam. Unfortunately it had been my main account for many many years and I had to go through the laborious process of notifying everybody. This involved:-

- Address Book
- Reviewing old emails
- Logging onto bank accounts, amazon etc.
(if you don't have emails from people or you don't log in to accounts where you have registered ann address, surely they can't be that important)

You'll find all the info. is there, it just takes time.

  Michael_R 16:38 05 Mar 2007

If your old ISP allows,and most do, just download your emails via your new ISP from your old POP mail boxes. Then as and when your contacts email you inform them of your new address. This is what I did.

  jarani 16:50 05 Mar 2007

many thanks for your responses

i am moving away from freeserve / wanadoo / orange and spam is exceeding 100 per day

i would like to ditch the generic address

it is probably the hard slog that I will have to go through - jarani

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