Changing ISP

  bluto1 22:31 24 Feb 2007

Sometime next week I hope (springs eternal) to change my ISP. This will entail e-mail address changes also, so can I come back to this forum in my present form and then change my details?

  terryf 22:44 24 Feb 2007

contact forum editor??

  Spark6 23:36 24 Feb 2007

Chicken and egg situation. If you lose your current email addy PCA will be unable to respond to your change. As terryf has suggested advise FE of your new address. Worked for me!

  Ashrich 23:50 24 Feb 2007

Why not buy yourself a cheap domain name while you are about it , then whenever you change ISPs in the future all you do is change things in your domain setup to redirect to your new e-mail , and the better ones have built in adjustable junk filters . You can do this for just a few pounds a year for a


  Dipso 23:52 24 Feb 2007

Or a Hotmail/Gmail or similar account.

  bluto1 11:26 25 Feb 2007

Thanks everyone, I`ll let FE know.

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