changing internet provider - help required

  lsdred 14:53 11 Apr 2007

Currently on tiscali and am changing to sky (due to free wireless router and a good deal on sky+), they have asked me to get my mac number from tiscali, now looking around it seems this can be quite painfull, should I ring for the number in advance or wait until I receive my sky router? How long does it take to get this number and transfer over?

is there a way i can access this number myself

ie run cmd - ipconfig/all

Any help would be much appreciated, also is sky broadband any good



  CLONNEN 15:16 11 Apr 2007

I think you do have to phone Tiscali Customer Service and actually ask for the MAC number. They are the only people who can give you this info - you can't look it up from your end.

  recap 15:20 11 Apr 2007
  johndrew 15:22 11 Apr 2007

In theory it should be less painful than it was click here In the event you have major problems you have a fallback position that Ofcom should now support you. Log all conversations and try to get a name.

You must get the MAC code from your current supplier.

I have no idea how long Sky will take to supply the hardware but there is little point paying for two ISPs, is there?

  ed1hosea 08:03 12 Apr 2007

Phone your present ISP and ask for a mac code to be emailed to you. You might be given some garbage about the issuing of a mac code resulting in the assumption that your present service would be ended immdiately but that's a bluff - insist on the mac code then, if you don't have faith in the ISP after the conversation, email their customer services dept. indicating time, name etc of the conversation. In all likelihood you will get the mac code sent to you in a day or so. Just call your chosen new provider with the code and leave it to them - it will probably take at least a few days to set things up but as said earlier ofcom are willing to look into this so there is probably less inclination on the part of isp's to be awkward about losing customers.
Good luck.

  hastelloy 08:49 12 Apr 2007
  lsdred 09:46 12 Apr 2007

Cheers for your help i think i will wait until my hardware arrives before requesting my MAC no, a couple of days without the internet wont kill me.

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