over40plus 23:13 24 Aug 2008

had a problem with a preloaded XP system had to format, but now completely stuck help please,
not very technical but when I switch on can get to the bios etc.

Tried FDISK but not to sure what to do, tried installing ME start up disk, still will not let me run XP CD any help please

  mgmcc 23:33 24 Aug 2008

In the BIOS, ensure that the CD Drive is before the Hard Drive in the boot device order. The PC should then boot from the Windows XP CD and the prompts will guide you through creating partitions, formatting and installing the operating system.

It appears that you may be trying to run Setup.exe from the XP CD from a DOS prompt after booting with a floppy. This won't work but, if the drive is already formatted as FAT32, you *CAN* run the WINNT.EXE file in the i386 folder on the CD to install XP from DOS.

  over40plus 23:50 24 Aug 2008

Managed to get into cd directory how do I open the 1386 folder sorry not at all technical

  ambra4 00:00 25 Aug 2008

You need to boot from the XP CD if you doing a fresh install access the bios and set the first drive

as the CD rom drive, second drive as the hard drive, and the third drive as the floppy drive save

reboot the computer

Place XP CD in cd-rom drive and restart the computer take a read at this site will guide you through

the set up

How To Install Windows XP Home Edition - Part 1

click here

  ambra4 00:22 25 Aug 2008

You should also Download XP Service Pack 3 and install after the Windows XP installation is completed

click here

You then have to install the motherboard and all the hardware drivers for your model computer

Did you get a CD with drivers and software when you first got the computer all of the drivers on the

cd need to be installed

If no cd then you have to go to the manufacture web site of the computer and download the correct

driver for your computer model if you do not install the driver the hardware will not work

Drivers to be download, Chipset, Lan Card, Audio (Sound), Wireless card, VGA (Display), Modem, Etc.

  DieSse 00:56 25 Aug 2008

As ambra4s guide at the link doesn't explicitly say so:-

You do the formatting from the XP CD.

When it gets to the appropriate screen - delete all the partitions, and set a new one (or more than one), choosing NTFS as the partition type.

Then format - a full format is a good idea as it checks out your drive better - but it will take a long time.

  mgmcc 07:54 25 Aug 2008

<<<Managed to get into cd directory how do I open the 1386 folder sorry not at all technical>>>

As your private email to me indicates that you wish to install from DOS, having booted (with CD ROM support) to an A:\> prompt with the floppy, type:


and press Enter, where "e:" is your CD drive. You must already have a FAT32 formatted partition and, after booting with the floppy, your CD drive letter will temporarily be displaced by one letter. If it is usually "D", it will now be "E". This should start the XP installation.

After installation, if you wish you can convert the "C" drive from FAT32 to NTFS by opening a Command Prompt window and running:

convert C: /fs:ntfs


  mgmcc 07:59 25 Aug 2008

Note that the directory involved is the letter "i" then 386, *NOT* the number 1386.

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