Changing Hard Drive.

  thetrickster 19:52 17 Mar 2008

Hi i have built a new p.c with vista on the hard drive. I would like to take out the hard drive of my old desktop and add it to the new p.c as it has alot of my games installed on it. The old hard drive does not have an OS on it but was in a p.c that had XP installed on it. Is this a simple procedure? what actions must i take.



  woodchip 20:05 17 Mar 2008

The Games will not work unless you can run from a setup file on the drive to install them

  Pine Man 20:06 17 Mar 2008

Very simple to add the hard drive but highly unlikely that any of the games will work.

They were loaded onto a drive that was run by XP and will be looking for XP to keep them running. When they find Vista I suspect they will 'Throw a double six' and go 'belly up'!

No, they definitely won't work unless they don't need an o/s to run.

  Batch 03:06 18 Mar 2008

Even if both PCs were running the same OS, the games would be extremely unlikely to work.

In the vast majority of cases software needs to be run through an install process. This not only copies the software files to appropriate places, but does a multitude of other things that integrates the software into the environment of the host OS, such as registry entries, menu entries etc.

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