Changing hard drive

  shortcircuit 20:03 27 Oct 2003

Hi all

I have changed many hard drives with no problems and have also added hard drives but I have allways used Seagate and used their Disk wizzard tool from their web site.

My question is ...
I have ordered a Excelstor 60Gb 7200rpm HHD oem type. I want to fit it to a friends pc and copy all his existing stuff over and then remove his 4.6gig hard drive because it is soooo noisey. Excelstor do not have any help for this function on their website so I was wondering if I could use Seagates diskwizzard to perform the task?

If there any freeware available to do this task? The system is running Xp Pro.

Thanks Dave

  BBez 20:08 27 Oct 2003

run "drive image" or "ghost" on the existing hdd and backup to a couple of CD-r's (assumin CD-r drive is present). Create boot floppy in either app then set BIOS to boot from a: then reboot system with floppy in, insert CD1 from the images you completed earlier then follow the prompts.

If the drive is brand new you may have to partition the drive first..!

  shortcircuit 20:14 27 Oct 2003

Sorry! Gone straight over the top of me...???

  shortcircuit 22:16 27 Oct 2003


  woodchip 22:22 27 Oct 2003

As he got a CDRW drive. if he as you can get Drive Image and create an Image of the old disc including OS and software it's like making a recovery disc, it is in effect just that. So that you can load it to a new drive it does not matter that the drive is bigger as it will cater for that when you restore the Image to the drive

  woodchip 22:24 27 Oct 2003

PS I don't think ether of the above will work with Drive Overlay software what you say you have used before for Drive Manufacturers

  DieSse 22:27 27 Oct 2003

Seagate Disk Wizard will not normally work on non-Seagate drives.

You could try free XXclone to make a complete duplicate of his drive onto the new one. It worked for me - but it is early version software.

click here

  shortcircuit 22:28 27 Oct 2003

Guys . I want to know if Disk wizzard will work with another make of drive. I have used Diskwizzard before when installing a new drive to a pc and removing the old. It does a brill job with no problems...just need to know if it will work with another make?

  shortcircuit 22:31 27 Oct 2003

Is it worh giving wiskwizzard a try? or do I run the risk of loosing it all

  pete-290318 22:56 27 Oct 2003

try and get hold of "Drive Copy". Its brill for replacing drives .. copies everything from one hard drive to a new drive without the need to format the new drive first.
You set your new drive as master and the old drive as slave.
When you boot with the drive copy floppy it runs an easy to follow program which produces an identical hard drive to your original and then you just remove the original and away you go with a bigger drive with all your existing software as it was.

  John Ross 22:58 27 Oct 2003

Boy, that is one unhelpful support page!
What did they say when you emailed them?

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