Changing graphics resolution

  jtt 13:39 17 Nov 2005

This has happened to me a couple of times...

I've taken a PC base unit somewhere, and connected someone's monitor to it. Everything is fine until Windows has finished booting, then Windows sets the graphics resolution, but the monitor can't cope so cannot display correctly or powers down.

Is there a way to recover from this, to somehow change the resolution before Windows has fully booted?

  ade.h 19:26 17 Nov 2005

The obvious answer is; before you take the tower or base unit away, adjust all the resolution and colour settings to safe defaults (800x600, 16bit, etc.) then it'll work okay with virtually any monitor. You can then return to higher settings provided the monitor in question can handle it.

This is a problem that is often encountered when a modern high-spec monitor has to be swapped for an old spare monitor after the good monitor has failed.

  ade.h 21:31 17 Nov 2005

Don't forget to drop the refresh rate as well; that's the most critical setting.

  jtt 09:24 18 Nov 2005

If only I always remembered to change the resolution first...

Is there any other way for when I forget?

  gudgulf 10:21 18 Nov 2005

This might work.........Reboot the computer tapping F8(or F5) to get to the Safe Mode boot menu.Select "Enable VGA Mode" instead of Safe mode.

This will boot Windows but not load the video card you have access to the display settings(limited range of adjustment).You should now be able to reset the refresh rate and select a low resolution (640x480 or 800x600) and 16 bit colour and apply the changes.

Reboot and hopefully those changed settings will be picked up by the video card drivers.

I admit I have not tried this in the situation you describe but it has just worked fine to reset the display settings on my spare pc.

  jtt 16:43 21 Nov 2005

Gudgulf... thanks, that works

  fly 12:32 08 Mar 2006

I found youur solution, Gudgulf, a bit late in the day. However I will try it next time. I changed the resolution on my Sony Trinitron monitor to the highest, and got a message "Out of scan" Mouse and keyboard dead. I did not know how to revert to 600X800, so borrowed an old monitor, and could just see the taskbar with the aid of a magnifying glass (!) and had 3 seconds to change it before monitor went dead. I actually made 10 attempts, as switching the monitor on and off gave me 9 goes.

Why does a modern monitor do this, its very inconsiderate?

  jtt 12:57 08 Mar 2006

fly: I think that the reason that a modern monitor does this is to protect itself from damage.

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